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Dell Inspiron 3180


The palm rest cracked, I would be able to repair it by ordering a new palm rest, but my employer issued me a new laptop so I decided to sell for spares or repairs.


Owned for 4 years, used daily

Would buy again

Dell Latitude 7520


Replaced the power port twice (15 minute fix). Also on the third Battery (External)

Still works well

Owned for 11 years, used daily

Would buy again

Dell Latitude E7470

Wear and Tear

Display (replaced under warranty once, now failing a second time because a part of the palm rest is pushing into it), mouse buttons (the rubber underneath failed so the click feeling was gone)

It was very sturdy, survived multiple falls, most parts are easy to replace and there is a repair manual

Owned for 5 years, used daily

Would buy again

Dell XPS 15 9500

Wear and Tear

Jack port breaks on average after 2-3 months of usage. The jack socket is mounted on the upper chassis, and is not connected to the motherboard via cable, but rather through contact connectors with the bottom chassis. In time, rust accumulates on those copper connectors, leading to increasingly distorted and scratchy noise, eventually loosing any connection whatsover. If you really need to plug the jacks and get original sound quality, you can keep bending the chassis by force. I started to have issues with jack connector after a half year after purchasing the notebook. I did call warranty repair two times already, and it only helped for a few weeks at most.

The rest of the notebook is pretty solid-made. It even survived a 1m drop onto the corner, which bent the display chassis noticably (by a fraction of a millimeter)

Owned for 2 years, used daily

Would buy again

Dell Inspiron 15 7559


- LCD cable wore out after three years. - Joint between power plug and cable wore out after six years.

- LCD cable was not too difficult to repair with 10 $ part from Ebay. Has been three years now and still going strong! - Power plug: this part should have been made stronger, the joint is simply too weak for the heavy cable. Luckily easy to replace, but still, would not have occurred had it been build better. Laptop has been heavily used, overall it is holding up very well. Hinges still ok.

Owned for 6 years, used daily

Would buy again

Dell XPS 15

Early Failure

The entire computer would not turn on after 1 year. Warranty replacement, and then the computer failed again 1 month after warranty expired.

It was cool while it worked but I will never buy a Dell product again.

Owned for 1 years, used daily

Would not buy again


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