Arturia PolyBrute

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  • Great for ambient music
  • Powerful analog sound
  • Unique morphing feature
  • Multi-axis performance controls offer next generation musical expression


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The Big Review: Arturia PolyBrute
ives you to engage with it, but it is crisp and clear.Final note countThe PolyBrute looks, feels and behaves like other Arturia devices and its build quality is robust throughout. It follows similar architectural rules as other Arturia products but feels more refined
3 months ago
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Polybrute is amazing. Great service from InstrumentPro.
I ordered a used Arturia Polybrute from InstrumentPro but this got lost in shipping by UPS, not the seller's fault. I contacted InstrumenPro and a brand new unit was promptly shipped to me at no additional cost. You can't expect any better service than that! Highly recommended. Now waiting to see if...
Amazon Customer
5 months ago
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Arturia - PolyBrute - PolyBrute
It's undergone rigorous testing to ensure a build quality of the finest calibre. Controls, buttons, and expressive components that are a delight to use, time after time. Its pristine metal chassis is embellished with luxurious dark walnut appointments for a timeless aesthetic, with a sleek, modern flare that sets it apart from the crowd
3 months ago
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Synth Recommendations
I have the arturia polybrute and I cant find a reason to ever get any other big synth. I got it back in March and I haven't stop playing it. The keybed is amazing and breathes with polyphonic after touch, its analog, very user friendly, very deep if you would like it to be.
Review: Arturia PolyBrute
Arturia have been designing synthesisers for long enough to see how musicians work with synthesisers and the PolyBrute’s versatility and chameleon-like personality are testament to this. Given the premier quality of its sound and the vast sonic scope it’s capable of, the PolyBrute is an obvious choice for anyone looking for a flagship synthesiser that will keep inspiring them for years to come.
3 months ago
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A Revelation
I've owned one for a bit, and the thing is an absolute monster. It does things in minutes that would take a VST hours to accomplish. It sounds beautiful, it's a joy to play, the six voice polyphony has proven to be more than enough for me, and the mod-matrix is a game-changer. Coming from a strictly...
AJ Hanenburg
10 months ago
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You have $4,500 to spend on synthesizers/vst/workstation…
If you want analog, I think that the Arturia Polybrute is likely the best choice in your price range. It can cover a huge span of sounds, sounds very nice itself, and will work really well as a performance controller: you get a ribbon and a xyz pad on top of lots of knobs and a 61-key keyboard. If you don't want analog, the Roland Fantom is the most recent of the big workstations.
Revolutionary Polysynth (hopefully)
I don’t have one yet, but ordered back in October. Anxiously awaiting delivery. I’ve seen tens of hours of demonstration videos (which totally makes me an expert, harrumph!), and this thing is a MONSTER. So insanely flexible, usable, and sounds fantastic. I hope I don’t eat these words when it event...
Amazon Customer
2 years ago
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PolyBrute - Full Review - Sonic LAB
It's a great synth. I can't you know pretend otherwise it's also fairly uncompromising. You know this thing is not cheap
3 months ago
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Disappointed by my dream synth, the Prophet-6
Personally I would go for a Novation Summit or an Arturia Polybrute Same price range as the Prophet-6 but way more capability. If you're a skilled player go with the polybrute. If you want a good all-purpose synth go with the summit or a peak if space is a concern.


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