Yamaha Reface CS

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  • Great for learning
  • Compact and simple architecture
  • Good sound quality
  • Polyphonic
  • Easy to use


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Yamaha Reface CS review | Stuff
Fortunately, Capture worked fine during testing, uploading and downloading individual sounds, and enabling a set list to be constructed.
3 months ago
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Test driving the Yamaha Reface CP. Feels like it's not even 5 lbs. But it's got good e-pianos and is a busker's dream :)
This is the simplest synopsis ever. The Yamaha Reface CP, a tiny keyboard, no modification of the sound at all, straight from the unit. It is mostly e-pianos.
Should I look into a synthesizer?
You might like the Yamaha Reface CP for your purposes. Compact and portable, able to be run on batteries, with some really good electric piano emulations and nothing complicated to learn. It even has a hidden grand piano mode. Analog and digital synthesizers are different than digital or acoustic pianos in that they allow you to sculpt the sounds it generates and create something different than what can be made with traditional instruments.
Recommendation for a beginner synth
Yamaha reface CS! An amazing synth, small, polyphonic, the interface can be pesky (no saving presets) but helped me learn about lfos and envelopes!
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Any recommendations on a gateway synth to get me into the hobby?
Yamaha Reface CS is also good. If you don't care about analog, but want to explore more experimental sounds, go for the Microfreak. Excellent value in that one.
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What is a synth that you think doesn't get enough love?
My Yamaha CS is super fun for late night stoned evenings by yourself. Super inspiring. Lots of fun
CS01 on steroids
I had a original CS01 when they were first introduced, and later updated to a Juno 106 for the polyphony. But I always regretted getting rid of the little Yamaha. There simply is no PWM like Yamaha's, and I missed that. So when I received the reface CS, I was curious as to whether it would bring me ...
5 years ago
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Best polyphonic synth for 300 dollars? And to learn the basics.
Reface CS is amazing for learning since there’s no menu diving to confuse the shit out of you, and every function has its own knob: so what you see is what you get. It will be a bit limited though because of this, but will definitely simplify the process.
What’s your favorite synth?
yamaha reface cs. i’ve had it for a couple years and it’s one hell of a machine for the price. plus insanely easy to use and learn, and the lack of patch memory has forced me to learn how to make sounds from scratch:) i’m a big big reface fan
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Pediatric Hospital looking for real hardware thats easy to use but legit enough to wow the teenagers in the hospital
Yamaha Reface CS. Easily wins. Plus has built in speakers.


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