Xiaomi Mi Scooter Pro 2

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Honest review of Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 after half a year of use - SmartMe
Half a year with the Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 scooter. I got the Xiaomi scooter in October, so it has been with me for a long time.
2 months ago
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Joined the scooter squad after months of using Beryl rental scooters UK, legality coming soon hopefully 🤞🏼Pure Air Pro 🛴
Nice! Same here, got my Mi 2 Pro not long ago and hoping the London rental scheme + Christmas gift influx will lead to some much-needed legal peace of mind.
I just bought a Xiaomi Electric Scooter Pro 2. Took it on a short 10km ride today and ended up having both of the tires lose a significant amount of air that I walked it home. However, as I was walking it home I noticed that it was "bumpy," as if I were wheeling it over small bumps, or gravel, or something like that.
Fast forward to today, I bought a Xiaomi Scooter pro 2 and noticed the headlight is anything but useful. I was thinking on mounting my sorfin but it is 50mm wide, and most flashlight holders for scooters and bikes are up to 35mm.
I have a new Pro 2 scooter, and I found the speed limit pretty annoying so I've increased it to 40kph and lifted the amp limit from 25 to 40 in XiaoFlasher with the CFW upgrade. The problem is now even on moderate hills the power will suddenly cut and the scooter will slow to zero then power off. It turns on just fine immediately after. I don't think it's a temperature shutdown as it happens after less than 10 seconds from cold start on the first hill.
Which scooter should I get? (AUSTRALIA)
I have the first Xiaomi scooter and it’s going great. I bought it in 2019. Mine doesn’t last 30km because I go up a few hills but it’s enough for me.
Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 Review - Better or WORSE than the m365?
It's just really good across the board and great value for money, and I think it's a perfect place to start to measure other scooters against on that lap time board.
Stu’s Reviews
2 months ago
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Anyone with a lot of miles on their scooter? Just hit 100 which is nothing, wondering what numbers veteran riders have…
It was then used for food deliveries, where it was capable of going on all night long way after everybody else on an e-scooter had packed up and gone home and the e-bikes had run out of battery and were running on muscle power alone. Right now it has about 3000km, still going strong and with no signs of needing any extra maintenance anytime soon. All I did concerning preventative maintenance was to add the usual creak-preventing spacer in the stem joint.
How do I stop being embarrassed about riding my scooter in public??
I had this same feeling after dropping £450 on a Mi 2 Pro. The first few times I felt ridiculous, especially wheeling it around a shop or whatever. I pushed through it just because I didn't want to waste so much cash. After a while it started to feel more natural and I'd catch my reflection in a window looking like an average person on a Escooter - rather than the anxious mess I expected to see.
It’s terrible! It just bumbles around aimlessly until it runs out of battery.
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Maximum power

600 W

Approx. charging time

9 hours



AC input voltage

100-240V /50-60Hz