Turboant X7 Pro

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  • Great for commuting
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable handlebars
  • LED display screen
  • Small and light


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Turboant X7 Pro Review: Best Electric Scooter Sub $500
Using the X7 Pro’s cruise control won’t disengage any other functions so you can still activate your headlights or use the brakes. Detachable Battery Pack. As previously mentioned throughout the review, having a detachable battery pack is one of the most useful features of the Turboant X7 Pro
any electric scooter that can hit around 30kmh that is full water proof under $600?
I just got the Turboant X7 Pro and love it. It's the unbranded version of Levy Plus. 20 mph/32 Kmh, decently light, good power, $500, battery that you can take out to charge (or use a second battery).
Acceleration up to 20 isn't insane but it's not bad either. Sometimes I'll spin out slightly when starting because the scooter is front heavy and I'm not putting enough weight on back wheel, but that's hardly a big issue. I'm likely going to buy a panasonic 12.8 battery from Levy so I have two batteries.
TurboAnt X7 Pro Review: TurboAnt or TurboAin't? » Electric Scooter Guide
5 seconds Overall, the TurboAnt X7 Pro is a lot like an everyday ant: small and light itself but able to carry weight, packing good features for its size. At this price point, there are few entry-level electric scooters that beat this package (outside of the well-rounded Gotrax G4).
Small e-bike, or scooter?
I use a cheap TurboAnt X7 Pro that will do 20MPH...for the first mile and a half...on flat ground. After that, the speed drops off due to the smaller batery. And it's also terrible on hills.
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TurboAnt X7 Pro Review: The Fastest Electric Scooter (2021)
Is TurboAnt X7 Pro waterproof? Yes, the TurboAnt X7 Pro is widely regarded for having a brilliantly versatile covering, with an IPX4 waterproof rating. Is the TurboAnt X7 Pro scooter worth buying? Yes, TurboAnt’s electric scooters are durable, powerful and good value for money.
2 months ago
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Need help please!!! I'm a big guy. 290, losing weight quickly ( down 70 in 6 months)yes I was a whale....lol. Can you recommend a good scooter for my body size and for less than $500. TIA
The TurboAnt X7 Pro. I am a big guy and that is the scooter I own. Very sturdy and in the $500 price range. I caught mine on a sweet sale for $399. Good luck.
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Arrived fast. Great condition and feels super durable. Should be worth way more with what you get. Also fabulous customer service, very fast replies.
Corey E.
3 months ago
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Really like it!Cool!
What about this electric scooter? This is the most expensive product I bought on amazon. I learned a lot about electric scooters before I bought it. Indeed, it's especially popular in the United States right now. Go to work, buy food nearby without starting the car. Of course I chose it for the week...
3 years ago
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What are you guys thoughts on this scooter? Would you trust it?
Looks like a Turboant X7.
Just search for that model to find a review.
X7 not the X7 pro.


Motor Type

Front hub motor

Motor Power

350 W

Maximum Range

30 miles (48 km) in Comfort Mode

Maximum Speed

20 mph (32 km/h)