Tudor Black Bay 41

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  • Great for people who can't afford a Rolex
  • Today's "cut price" Tudor brand has
  • To stand on its own
  • Maintains a no-date rule
  • Current state of collection is waiting for some watches


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Tudor Black Bay 41: Review - The Truth About Watches
That’s more than twice as much as the Black Bay 41 tested here.
[Omega Seamaster Diver 300M]
The bezel is a little more difficult to get ahold of but maybe that’ll keep me from absentmindedly spinning it. I purchased it with the steel bracelet and then purchased the rubber strap separately. I’m not the type to wear it with a bracelet but it made sense financially. I really love this watch.
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[Rolex] Submariner Ref. 124060 - After months of waiting, I picked up my first new Rolex on the day I became fully vaccinated.
I visited all the ADs in my area and had varying levels of success in registering my interest. Luckily, the amazing SA I dealt with 2 years ago when I purchased my Tudor Black Bay was able to find me the watch in just 41 days! I received the call last Monday and picked the watch up on Thursday, which happened to be the same day I received my 2nd dose of the Pfizer COVID vaccine.
[SOTC] Does anyone know what day it is?
Got lucky, thanks watch ex. It’s now one of my favourites. Tudor Black Bay 41 in blue - Do I need to write an explanation? It’s a dress watch, it’s a fixed bezel dive watch, it’s a GADA watch, I don’t know but it’s my affordable Rolex Explorer and I absolutely love it.
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[SOTC] I'm getting there :)
Tissot (No idea bought when I was about 18. The Tudor BB is my newest addition, got the "new" in house movement but also the bigger 41mm Case that I like, the 39mm just looked too small for me. My Space Elektron should arrive in November and I assume thats also about the Time for the G-Shock.
[SOTC] 4 Years in watch collecting
Went back the next day and bought it. I love this watch as a low key, anywhere type watch.
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[Tudor Black Bay] my most prized possession
I changed the strap to a no-brand dark brown leather one as to my disappointment, the original Tudor leather strap broke after a few years of daily wear (anyone knows if that's normal?) . Anyway, overall I just really like this Black Bay's "modern vintage" look, and I prefer the rose logo as opposed to the shield on the newer models. This model is a 41mm and my wrist is not the biggest, but I don't really mind - I kind of like the larger look.
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[Tudor] Black Bay 41, my every day companion
Today I was reminded that the best thing about this watch is it's versatility to be dressed up or down. I think it's to do with its simplicity, but also the bold geometries of the snow flake and hour markers. It doesn't look out of place with a suit, or as today In just activewear to pop down to the shops. Note on the sizing as well, I know a lot of people love the 36mm option, but I found the 41 was perfect for me (7 1/8th wrist).
Tudor Black Bay 41: A Guide To The Versatile Time-Only Watch
The Tudor Black Bay 41 is solid proof that you do not need a fancy watch to stand out among the crowd.
20 days ago
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What I've landed on now is a Tudor Black Bay; the one that looks like the 58, but is 41mm, as my wrist is pretty big. I really like this watch.