Tudor 1926

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  • Great for a classy sports watch
  • Comfortable strap
  • Good value for the price
  • Looks great with any outfit


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TUDOR 1926 - Full Review - The Truth About Watches
Overall * * * * *. The TUDOR 1926 is a handsome, accurate, reliable, durable, go-anywhere, semi-bling dress watch; priced for both the short and long term.
[Tudor] New strap for the 1926
I bought my Tudor 1926 a few months back and I have been looking to get a different strap for it. The 7 link bracelet that comes with the watch is definitely one of the most comfortable that I've worn, but it was time to change it up a little bit. I have heard great things about Aaron over at Combat Straps, so I reached out and asked him to make this Alcantara strap for me.
[Rolex] Here’s to a good 2021.
Fits effortlessly, to the point I already feel like I’ve had it on for ten years. Couldn’t be happier. Now to sell my Tudor 1926 haha.
[Tudor] 1926 Opaline 40mm
I really think Tudor shines most when they make something wholly their own, and this 1926 (its name a reference to the official registration of the Tudor name) is not a baby brother to any Rolex. The bracelet is very comfortable, and I keep coming back to it even after trying the watch on a cream perlon strap in the summer and a blue suede strap earlier this fall. In every way possible I recommend this watch to those looking for something a little more unique in a lower price range.
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Tudor 1926 Classic Automatic Watch Review - WatchReviewBlog
Conclusion Is this the best value buy at its price point? It very well could be if it checks off all the points that you’re after. For us it exceed a value buy, there wasn’t another model out there that could compete. If this is a watch you’re interested in or if it matches the style and functionality that you’re looking for I would highly recommend it
20 days ago
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[Recommendations] Getting married, looking for watch recommendations to wear on the day itself and also regularly, should last my lifetime, budget ~USD 2000 (+/- 10%)
Tudor 1926 - very classy sports watch
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[Question] First time watch buyer, trying to decide!
Take a look at the Tissot PRX and Tudor 1926! Very nice similar to the ones I viewed in your link:) gl!
[Recommendations] Help me pick an heirloom watch for my child
Tudor 1926 in 36mm or Alpinist is my recommendation! An Oris BCPD could be cool too
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Tudor 1926 36mm Review: My Favorite Tudor
So final thoughts on the watch, and I think this really offers a great value for a lot of people.
The Knight’s Watch
20 days ago
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[Question] Looking for a wedding watch.
My vote would be for the Tudor 1926. I bought that around 6 months for my wedding (with the black dial) and love it. Great watch and great for a wedding
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