Staples Hyken

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  • Great for gaming
  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Sturdy construction
  • Good back support
  • Affordable


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Writing my first review because it's just that BAD
This chair has so much wrong with it I don't know where to begin. First - it's just plain uncomfortable. Maybe there's a break-in period for the mesh but it's overly supportive and has little give. The arm rests are hard plastic and you'll need elbow pads if you want to use them for any length of ti...
J. Duke
3 years ago
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Staples Hyken Review-The Secrets of Hyken Mesh Chair | Latest Chairs
ConclusionThe mesh back on the Staples Hyken Mesh Chair is a great addition to the chair, it makes it feel more modern, more comfortable, and helps with air circulation. This item will make a great addition to any office environment. If you are on a budget and willing to spend $150 on a chair, this is the one to get
4 months ago
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Hey! I have been using a Hyken staples office chair for the past 5 years and the last few months I stood up and touched my lower back in a normal kinda of stretching way and noticed it was completely numb. I'm worried that this chair aint what it used to be.
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[CHAIR] Staples Dexley Mesh Task Chair - $125.49
For months i was waiting for the Staples Hyken Mesh chair to drop to a good price. I pulled the trigger at 150ish, received it really fast, and set it up right away. I actually really love the chair, totally worth it. Perfect size for me and i can sit in in for 12+ hours just fine.
Sub-$500 chair that can take 8 hours of sitting and is NOT ugly
i personally got a staples hyken for my new home office. i've had it for 2 months or so, usually 12+ hours a day and i've got no complaints. it was about $150.
it's mesh rather than leather, though
Staples Hyken Office Chair: Is It Worth It?
99 and that's gon na wrap up our video on the staples hike in if there's some other really popular Chairs out there that we haven't reviewed yet that you want to see on this channel make sure to reach out to us, let us know and we'll try to get it on our list of chairs to review. As always, please like this video ding, the bell subscribe. If you want more worth it videos, we really appreciate everything you do for the channel thanks a lot for watching [ Music ], you
4 months ago
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Pneumatic lift stopped working after 1 1/2 years
I loved this chair so much I bought a second one to use at home... but after a year and a half of use, the pneumatic lift in my original one has stopped working - I can adjust the height, but no matter where I put it, it will slowly lower all the way back down to the lowest setting. I'm short, and I...
Maria Danielle
4 years ago
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Steelseries Think chair - is this a good buy? Guy isn’t sure how old it is. $290 CAD
I personally haven't found the thinks to be more comfortable than other chairs, I'd rather go with a staples Hyken. Also, I see these go for much less. This looks like a V1. I sold one like that for $200 in Virginia.
No love for Humanscale Freedom?
I have also tried each of these on medium to longer time periods: Aeron (eh, nice chair but I think just not for me though maybe I will try again), a used Knoll Life (good quality - older model - but not quite right fit for me), the Staples Hyken (okay but definitely a cheaper chair), an Allsteel Acuity (hate that one so much). I also have an Embody on order for my home office.


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