Specialized Roubaix

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  • Great for just about everyone
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Specialized Roubaix: Used Bike Buyer's Guide
With a revamped version of the Future Shock (2.0) that allows a lockout option on the suspension, a new Pavé seatpost, aerodynamics equal to all out performance racing frames, lighter than ever, and somehow still comfortable on the cobbles. Conclusion
2 months ago
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What a stroke of luck: someone on facebook was selling a Specialized Roubaix in my size! The price was right and the biek was perfect. (As though it couldn't get any better-- when he found out that my wife works with students who have autism, he took a bunch of money off since he said his grandson has autism). That bike changed my life.
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Not New Bike Day - 2018 Roubaix with 50,000 miles, still going strong
I can't say enough good things about the Specialized Roubaix Pro. 50,000 miles and still going strong. I've replaced every component on the bike at least once excluding the seat post and left shifter. Awesome and comfortable!
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Advice for first road cycle
I have a cheaper, Specialized Roubaix SL4 Sport for the Kickr indoor trainer. My suggestion is if you're on the fence, head to the more premium model - resale is generally better if you don't stick with it, and if you do stick with it you'll only regret the lower model down the track and cost yourself more long term. \+1 for Ultegra too!.
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I had done it. ### Post-race.
I have a 2020 Specialized Roubaix (disc brake) I *love*. It’s an endurance frame set up for grand fondos (read: not aggressively, maybe a centimeter saddle to handlebar drop), super comfortable and I threw on a pair of clip on aero bars a few months ago to get a little more speed.
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Trek isospeed and specialized future shock
I've a Specialized Roubaix with future shock 1.5 and the difference is obvious. With 28c tyres it's more comfy (on the road at least) than my winter bike with 35c tyres. My hands get less numb and my shoulders are looser, especially after long rides. It takes the sting out of lumpy surfaces and supposedly improves grip, since the front tyre maintains contact with the ground.
Review: Specialized's all-new Roubaix, a Spring Classics road bike for everyone
And I could certainly get used to a new Roubaix for my all-around road riding. Specialized.com
2 months ago
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Cheap road bikes?
Turned out I rather enjoyed it. In my area, about once a week I see Trek Domane and another road bike, can't recall the name; a few Cannondale Synapse and CAAD models; and occasionally a Specialized Roubaix go for sale on Craigslist.
Thinking about another road bike - Pinarello? Cervelo? Giant? Cannondale? Currently ride specialized Roubaix - long post within
Helped me select my own first road bike, also a 2020 Specialized Roubaix. To me, the major issues it sounds like you had deal with after service and not having a quality LBS to keep up your bike. (The LBS I bought my Specialized from has so far been great, and far exceeded my expectations while their flagship store appears rather awful in the same light.) To me, whatever money you drop on your next ride, having knowledgeable and skilled people to make adjustments on the fly (dropping-in heading out or returning from a ride) makes a huge difference, not to mention the community aspect.
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