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Sony STR-DH190

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  • Great for turntables
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Solid build quality
  • Good sound quality, but not the best in class
  • No Wi-Fi or Ethernet connectivity


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Sony STR-DH190 Stereo Receiver Review: It's Actually Good!
n that you connect to this receiver, whether it's a phone, a tablet, a laptop, A desktop doesn't matter all those units already have dax built in and just save your money until you can afford something like that, topping e30, because it really does sound good and that's the kind of deck i would endorse for something like the sony, stereo receiver. It's a very clean, sound, very balanced and to just go together very well now, it's time to talk about comparison.
Zero Fidelity
4 months ago
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My first setup and I love it!
This is my first stereo set up and it sounds absolutely beautiful. Im sure with more speakers and such it would sound leagues better, but i still love it. I have Sony receiver STR DH190 if i remember correctly; its paired with a pair of elac debut 2.0 speakers.
Why I bought this Sony stereo receiver in 2022 and you should too
With more shade than ever being cast on the seemingly stalwart music-streaming industry this year and last, I’ve spent a significant amount of time wondering whether or not my support of Spotify (and any other streaming apps) is ethical. Are companies that pay artists well under $0.01 per stream one...
4 months ago
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Sony STRDH190 Best Review In 2022 | Zero To Drum
Verdict. The Sony STRDH190 integrated stereo amplifier is a very basic unit. No real frills or any decoration
4 months ago
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Sony STR-DH190 Review
Overall, I preferred the sound of the Sony STR-DH190 a little more, but just marginally so. The Onkyo is a perfectly fine receiver, it’s just a little hard to justify it when up against the absolute bargain in Sony’s corner. Final Verdict
4 months ago
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My Beginner Vinyl MidFi Setup
I think of my setup the "People's Choice" because I chose the most recommended turntable, speakers, and amp (ATLP120, Klipsch RP600M, and Sony STR-DH190). For a beginner into this hobby I think I did pretty well but in the future I would love to get into vintage gear. Damn I just love the look of vintage recievers. :).
Solid Receiver
It was time to replace my Yamaha receiver from 30 years ago. I looked for a reasonably priced receiver with a phono input since they seem harder and harder to find. I settled on this Sony and so far have been pretty happy with it. Set up was pretty simple. Phono jack with grounding wire was obvious ...
James Simon
4 years ago
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My Beginner Setup For Under $500 (B&W DM60 S2 Speakers + Sony STR-DH190 Receiver)
Sony STR-DH190 Receiver (Bought on Amazon Used for $160). Best Buy 16 Gauge Speaker Wire (30ft - $25).
Sony Receiver Review - STR-DH190 - Fill Your Soul with Happiness for less than $200 all in...
It does sound good, pretty much matches up with what everybody else has said, but for a minimal investment, sony sscs5s, the pioneers the andrew jones originals, 75, bucks 200, all in 300 bucks. If you want a sub, it's pretty awesome, it's pretty awesome. It gets you back in the game back in the hi-fi game, so with that i'm randy, i'm the cheap audio man
4 months ago
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Very Basic unit, but solid sound. I love it.
I just hooked mine up. I have it attached to a pair of DM305 Bowers and Wilkins speakers. The speakers are really just bookshelf speakers on a pedestal. The sound, however, is great. It has a rich warm sound with plenty of bass as well as treble (both adjustable). It is also more than powerful enoug...
4 years ago
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100 Watt - 8 Ohm - at 1 kHz - THD 1% - 2 channels