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Yamaha TSR-700

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  • Great for music and TV, but requires a firmware update to work properly
  • Comes with a built-in tuner
  • Requires a subwoofer
  • App is great for managing the system


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YAMAHA RX-V6A TSR-700 AV Receiver User Guide - Manuals+
Be sure to read the supplied “Safety Brochure” before using the unit.This document explains basic speaker system setup and unit configuration.For more information about this product, refer to the User Guide. Access the following website to view the User Guide.AV SETUP GUIDEAV SETUP GUIDE is an app t...
4 months ago
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Features sold not developed yet
Important to note that these new resolutions and the HDMI2.1 features are not active out of the box. There will be multiple Firmware updates as the actual contents become available... The reason for this is that Yamaha chooses to test and certify all features and resolutions before releasing. Also n...
2 years ago
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I've had a few Yamaha receivers and have always had good luck. That ended here. This is a complete disappointment. Sound quality is fine, and so is the picture, once you can get it to recognize components, connect to the internet, etc. It’s really, really, really temperamental and I've been super fr...
Edward Foreman
1 year ago
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I’ll start by saying ignorance is bliss. I was happy with my JBL 9.1 as I have a real bastard of a living room layout for a wired system of any type. Then I went to a friends house with the Costco Klipsch combo ( Klipsch 5.1.2 and Yamaha TSR 700) and it ruined me.
Yamaha TSR 700 Vs. RX V6A: Can You Tell The Differences? 
Are you looking for a great receiver to upgrade the home theater system and are interested in Yamaha’s products? As we know, receivers and audio devices from the Yamaha brand are famous for their high quality and amazing features. If you have narrowed your selection to the TSR 700 and RX V6A, read t...
4 months ago
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Yamaha TSR700
This receiver excels in producing a powerful yet very clean sound as the distortion specification would indicate. Coming from an eleven year old higher end Sony es receiver, it is audibly better, even for older ears...
Lots of whistles and bells with some interface glitches that are being worked th...
2 years ago
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Blown Away!
I haven't even hooked up Atmos yet and I am blown away by the sound quality for the money payed. It was a pain to get working with my setup but after going through through a few new cables it all works fine.
1 year ago
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Yamaha TSR-700 / RX-V6A Receiver Unboxing, Review | Best Budget Receiver | High Power, No Distortion
I would hear distortion and clipping, so i thought hey look at this one, the tsr 700. It just came out it's a great price and it can peak power up to 150 watts and rated output power of 100 watts with low distortion.
4 months ago
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Great value
For a 2020 model AVR that will support the latest features including 8K (with a promised firmware upgrade) for less than four hundred this can't be beat. It's exactly identical to the Yamaha RX-V6A that sells for a few hundred more elsewhere.
Being a new model, there are still some bugs that will h...
2 years ago
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Best receiver I've owned.
Great sound quality out of the box. I didn't even bother hooking up the YPAO mic. Music sounds amazing on all channel stereo. Surround sound is amazing and blows my old RX-V677 out of the water especially when it comes to the center channel. Upscaling is phenomenal. Best receiver for the money consi...
1 year ago
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