Denon AVR-S750H

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  • Great for a first receiver
  • Dolby Vision and HDR10+ passthrough flawlessly
  • Not sure why others are giving it a 1 star simply for not liking the manual
  • Sounds like user error
  • Unit returned after repair NOT fixed


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Superb Product - Non-Existant Customer Support
This is (I hope) a final update. Unit returned after repair NOT fixed. Problem made worse. I insisted on a replacement. I was give this after I shipped the defective unit back. They gave me "refurbished" unit that had only a 1 year warranty (not 2 like the new unit). Fought this. Two months after st...
3 years ago
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My very first high-end setup, didn't have anyone else to share with
A/V Receiver I'm using is the Denon AVR-S750h. My friend generously offered me his employee discount on this, so I got quite a lot off on the purchase. The room correction offered with the Audyssey mic is quite a clever piece of engineering. I know I'll be happy for a long time.
This is your PSA to buy a new receiver if you have one that "works ok"
Boy was I wrong. I just picked up a Denon AVR-S750H earlier this week for around $550. Oh my God.
1 year ago
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Dont buy
Had for 4 months. Woke up one day to an update error. Essentially bricked the unit. I would expect a new one to be sent out as replacement and they get the old one back. Nope. You send it off and wait for it to be repaired. I will not buy another denon product.
bert deaton
3 years ago
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It ain’t much, but it does the job (for now). My beginner 3.0 setup
- AVR: Denon S750H. Obviously not the greatest speakers around here, but they’ve been great for me so far. Have not yet opted for a sub as I haven’t done enough research ( though I know enough to not get the Sony one), but I know it would only make things better.
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Save time and money...
We’ve had nothing but trouble since purchasing this product. When it actually works, it works well, but when there’s something wrong it’s almost impossible to fix because customer service is so awful. You will wait for almost an hour to talk to someone and they will fix it if you pay a fee to ship i...
Jessica Lentini
2 years ago
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Denon - solid and feature rich
**Denon AVR-S750H (2019 Model) , Black , Single**- BE AWARE the reviews here are of mixed unit model numbers and even some refurbished items also. The s750H I purchased is great !. Top notch . ( Been a big audio / home theatre user for over 30 yrs ) - Only thing I wish it had was a back-lit remote. ...
2 years ago
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Brothers United.. (added a 2nd 15”)
Integrated in yesterday, and together these Subs do an incredible job in my small theater room (17’x12’x7.5’), now I understand what room shaking bass really means. I have a in room response at 10hz and love the tight bass that these present. I have them at 3pm gain on sub and needed -2 in minidsp to get a -11.5 trim in Denon AVR.
Denon receiver stop working after 7 months!!!!!!!!!!!
After 7 months the device does not turn on. I have to pay for all the repair shipment. Because it is an heavy device, shipment costs 50% of the total cost. This is ridiculous. The device was Always handled with care. Will not recommend this product.
Kindle Customer
2 years ago
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My happy little Beyer family
Such clarity, good bass, and seems to work well with any genre. They had them for 550€, which seems to be a good price, especially for a rather small specialised shop.
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4K UHD (2160p)

HDR Capable


HDR Technology

Dolby Vision, HDR 10, Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG)