Sony FX3

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  • Great for documentary filmmakers
  • Fantastic camera, a real workhorse
  • If you have unlimited money
  • Video quality is extremely good, especially at night
  • Coming from the Blackmagic pocket 4k


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Don't buy an SIII, buy this!
Fantastic camera, a real workhorse! SIII is a great camera (I own one), but it overheats in the sun at 60P. So if you do a lot of outdoor live events, this is the camera you want! I do 12 hour days with this camera all the time. The handle is a nice touch too, except it uses a non-standard size mic....
James Goldstein
1 year ago
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Sony FX3 Review (+ comparison to Sony a7S III)
So who is the fx3 for well? I think it really comes down to a feature we didn't talk about much but is incredibly important. It's the built-in fan now my time shooting multiple episodes with the a7 s3. I'Ve never run into any overheat concerns, but i know some people in warmer climates have run into overheating problems, and for that reason, if you need continuous, uninterrupted recording, especially out shooting in bright sun, the fx3 is just going to be the best option for you because Of that built-in fan, if this is a camera that is just going to be living on a tripod, doing very long takes for things like documentary and event work, then i think the fx3 is absolutely the right call, especially since it includes the xlr module to plug Additional mics into it that are going to be really useful in those situations, the a7s iii is still going to be a better run and gun model
DPReview TV
4 months ago
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It’s making some noise and camera gets hot easily.
When you take photos, the shutter sounds weird comparing with my a7iii. The camera body was warm after using for 15mins, and the heat was coming from the air vent.
Dillon Lin
1 year ago
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Unlimited money? sure
If you have unlimited money. this is a decent camera for the value. Most platforms format footage to be worse quality than this camera, so there is no point paying this much for the high resolution/framerate of this camera if the social media platforms downgrade it. that being said, it takes amazing...
1 year ago
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Very great camera
Perfect for documentary filmmakers
Henry KD
1 year ago
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Best quality 👌
Great camera! Cinema line series. The video quality is extremely good, especially at night. This camera will not disappoint, also comes with an external mic handle which is great for directing and amazing sound quality. Does not come with a mic. The FX3 is catered for video and the A7siii is better ...
Richard Mukasa
1 year ago
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Overhyped and overpriced?
Coming from the Blackmagic pocket 4k I thought I would enjoy the connivence of better battery life, amazing autofocus and smaller form factor. The colour science with slog-3 was a let down as well as the overly digital look it had. The biggest factor for me was the chroma noise in the shadows, I fig...
Amazon Customer
1 year ago
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