Sony Alpha a6400

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  • Great for those upgrading from older Sony cameras
  • Lot of features, but some are buried under menus and awkward ergonomics
  • Reliable image quality and fast hybrid AF system
  • Missing lenses
  • Best camera on the market


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A Great Upgrade from the A6000
I purchased this camera as an upgrade from the A6000 and I really enjoy it as both an upgrade and on its own merits. For those upgrading from an older Sony camera, the biggest new features are a touchscreen, effortless Eye AF, and Real-Time Tracking. The touchscreen is great for repositioning your E...
3 years ago
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The a6400 is a good camera thwarted by messy menus
8 / 16–35 GM zoom lens I’ve been testing the camera with, you’ll find the a6400’s small grip to be too uncomfortable to leverage the extra weight in glass. Most of the grip side of the camera is occupied by buttons, leaving little space for a user’s thumb and in the case of someone wearing a glove, none at all.
Stefan Etienne
4 months ago
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I do own three other lenses so that's a bit of a bummer. I've been eyeing the Sony a6400 for a few years now and I'm finally able to afford a new purchase. But then someone also suggested the Fuji X-S10 and the specs of that camera look great while also being cheaper (in combination with a kit lens)!
Sony a6400 Review
The Sony a6400 isn't an absolutely perfect camera, but its flaws are more foibles than deal breakers, so we're naming it our Editors' Choice. It's the rare camera that serves both consumer and enthusiast audiences.
Jim Fisher
4 months ago
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Fuji X-S10 or Sony a6400?
I do think the a6400 is a great choice as it will do both photo and video well, especially because of its AF performance. If you think long term with Sony, going full frame will come with a great cost, and getting quality full frame gear will also. It’s undeniable that full frame produces great images, especially with the power of Sony’s technology. There’s a reason why professionals in both the photo and film industry use their systems.
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My camera takes green pictures
Update: before large research on the web I find a few people that have the same issue and they said it was the fluorescent light. So don't be like me and get scared if you saw some greenish pictures indoor, maybe is because you are in a room whit fluorescent light, but if you increase your shutter s...
4 years ago
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Switching to mirrorless. Need some advice about camera/lenses.
It sounds like you have a pretty good handle on what you want, and both the a6400 and the X-S10 are excellent cameras. There's not really a wrong choice here -- in my mind it comes down to ergonomics and lens selection.
Sony A6400 Hands-on Review
The sun is set here on our trip to san diego then check out the sony a6400 yeah. We hope that you guys enjoyed our review. We certainly enjoy testing this camera
4 months ago
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Stuck between Sony a6400 and Fujifilm xs10, thoughts?
Sony's menus are not the most intuitive though. Fuji also has film simulations if you don't know how to edit a raw file or don't want to deal with it entirely. Over two years ago, I chose the a6400. Now with the X-S10 out, I'm not sure what I would have chosen.
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Best Camera on the Market including all brands for the price and what you get.
Best Camera on the Market including all brands for the price and what you get. Hands down, just give up your money. I've owned the Nikon D3300, the Sony a6000, the Sony A7R, and even went BACK to crop sensor because of the price and features that this camera offers. If I had the money i would buy th...
3 years ago
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