Sinn 356

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  • Great for pilots
  • Good quality
  • Unusual design
  • Rarely seen
  • Value for money


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The Sinn 356 Pilot Chronograph – Why Should You Need One?
Final Thoughts. Though it is not the greatest among the Sinn Instrument Chronographs watches, the Sinn 356 is a stunning example of what the ideal pilot watch should be. It is a timepiece that can accurately display various times to its wearers, even when battling through extreme conditions
19 days ago
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So, so many salmon watches are far outside of my price range, but the Sinn seemed to be a good value. Its dial is stunning with guilloche patterns on the dial and within the subdials. The size, at 38mm, is welcome, as is the day and date complications. I love the combination of salmon and black on this one.
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[Sinn 356] My first watch after not wearing one for 20 years
The sinn 356 caught my eye as it is 38.5mm, it looks great with any strap that gets put on and it is more affordable. I am lucky enough to find a seller that also hasSinn the german day as I think it looks better with a german watch. I think this watch is a good piece for 1 watch collection.
[Sinn] My new daily - I promise
Somehow flying under my radar for some time, I finally realized that this Sinn 356 is exactly what I need in a daily driver. Sleek yet informative, I love the day date function. The other benefits are countless - accurate auto movement, 100m water rating, strong lume, compact design, a chronograph to help with daily tasks - this is what I realized a daily should be.
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[SOTC] My three watch collection
From left to right, Omega Seamaster Diver 300M, Sinn Flieger 356 GMT, and the Grand Seiko blue Snowflake (SBGA407). I have had the Sinn the longest (over 10 years) and I still love it. It does have a bracelet also, but I've never been a fan of bracelets. I like the contrast that a rubber or leather band provides.
The Sinn 356 Pilot Chronograph Review - A Sub 40mm Chronograph Built To Last Overall buckle quality - For as impressive, comfortable and relevant the metal bracelet is on the 356, it did lose a few marks for me when it came to the deployment buckle
19 days ago
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[SOTC] 2 x German watches - Nomos & Sinn
Also it pairs well with almost any strap I've thrown at it and I like that it's water resistant for any daily activity. Sinn 356 - received this in the post today and I was pleased to find that it looks even better in person. I like the black and white contrast on the dial (not unlike a speedy or many other chronos) but this one comes in a neat package of 38.5mm. The fit and finish is really good at this price point for a chronograph - truly feels like a chrono made to be worn daily.
[Sinn] 356, my first grown up watch
This is a new to me Sinn 356. It was safe kept with no scratches on anything that could find. When I was growing up I always loved pocket watches and had a collection I had found here and there.
Sinn 356 Review - Worn & Wound
It’s rugged, attractive, and extremely well made, and its versatility makes it the perfect go-to watch.
19 days ago
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[SOTC] End of the year collection
Bottom: Sinn 356. Not really in to pilots watches, but in a 38,5mm case, it’s a winner in my book!. Thanks for reading!.