Shimano Sienna

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  • Great for freshwater
  • Smooth casting
  • Good for short casts
  • Small and light weight
  • Relatively inexpensive


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Small reel but very tough
The reel is small good for short casting. The spin is very smooth ad can handle a good fight.
2 years ago
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Nothing special, Nothing expensive, but its all mine and I'm proud of that!
Great rod , I love mine landed everything from bluegill to snook. If the reel gives you any trouble keep the rod and switch for a Shimano sienna (I like the rd) it's is a stellar combo.
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Hard to find a more likable reel for Crappie or Bluegils
I own three of these and anyone who ever shopped for a 500 series size reel knows there are few out there that perform as needed. The only reel that I think gives this little red Shimano a run for the money is the Daiwa 750 series. And that's only because the handle folds inward when not in use and ...
Ret. Lt. Col. A.D
2 years ago
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Fishing on a budget and I think I’m doing an alright job of it!
“On a budget” with 2 fenwick rods haha. But really, great setup. I’ve found Berkeley Lightning Rods to be fantastic, lightweight rods for under $45 if you’re planning on expanding again and want to keep it low budget. Also Shimano Sienna reels are great and durable and you can usually find them for ~$30.
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I fish at the peer in Santo amaro Beach, but I've many other spots around that area) and I've been getting absolutely zero bites. I'm fishing in areas where, reportedly there's sea bass. Fishermen tell me there's sea bass, local fishing shops tell me there's sea bass and fishing websites report there's sea bass there. I got a 7.8“ spinning rod (medium heavy) and a 2500 Shimano sienna reel.
Shimano Sienna Review--$30 Best Value Spinning Reel
but um, definitely would recommend the Shimano Sienna and 1000 size or any other size for that matter. Well, I'm wrapping it up here for the day. It's getting pretty dark
Floyd Outdoors
2 months ago
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Great Reel
I own 4 shimano sienna, however this one is the new model with 6:2:1 gear ratio. Fantastic reel for the money. I don't how shimano does it. You can't go wrong. I highly recommend it.
3 years ago
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New Purchase 4000FGC Sienna
Have always bought and used Shimano Reels. But, when I bought the the 4000FGC, and could not find the lock reverse switch, I also thought the same as Fish Family. Was about to return it. But Located the switch and so I am pleased. Very smooth operation and caught my limit on the second day after pur...
300Mile to Fish
1 year ago
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Will a Sedan Work For Two Kids?
Small kids need, if anything, more storage room for all their stuff. The new Sienna gets gas mileage that is better than any non-hybrid sedan, and will have room for allllll that stuff. If you have parking and the expense (about $40k) is not a deterrent, that's what I'd recommend.
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Any good spinning combos under $50 available at dick’s, Walmart, or cabelas?
If you need to stay around $50, look for a Shimano Sienna and a Berkley Cherrywood. Both of those will perform better than the components of the ugly Stik combo. If you can stretch the budget a bit more by not buying that baitcaster, then look at the Shimano Sienna or Daiwa Crossfire paired with a Berkley CherryWood or Lightning Rod, or Daiwa Aird-X.
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Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)

66.00 x 4.00 x 3.00 Inches