Shimano Sedona FI

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  • Great for light tackle striped bass fishing
  • Now since you're looking at this video, you
  • Shimano generate livers
  • South bend


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great reel for the $$
I needed a new reel for light tackle striped bass I got a 4000 which I loaded with 30lb braid...caught some nice 20lb plus bass during the fall run which this reel handled with no problem...very smooth drag and great performance..used with soft plastics-bucktails and jigs-casts a mile !!
5 years ago
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9-yr old son wants to start fishing....
A Shimano Sedona is a fantastic entry level spinning reel, made in Malaysia, by a Japanese company. That means great quality control and overall quality. The Japanese brands are famous for being the best in the buisness. Personally, I’d go to a local tackle shop and get help from them.
Caution - may not be what you expect in a good spinning reel.
I have been fishing for 65 years. In all my years, having owned many spinning reels, I have never come across a spinning reel without a toggle switch to release the spool. Undoubtedly this new Shimano Sedona Fl reel was cheaper to manufacture this way, but I could not get used to this missing featur...
4 years ago
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Sedona 2500 FI ~ Shimano Review
Nonetheless, always liked Shimano when it is in cycling or in fishing Shimano generate livers. Really good product and what struck me about this product was the the colors and real just looks amazing. It looks yeah so color for all bright and just fun to use
2 months ago
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I own an old 750 model and this year i bought a new 1000 and 4000 model i love them both. i use the 4000 for light saltwater use, small rays and such and the 1000 for crappie and trout both work amazing
4 years ago
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Shimano Sedona. Is this still the best mid budget spinning reel in 2021
If you're in the market for a mid-budget reel and you're thinking, what are my options, well let's take a look at this reel and see if it's the right option for you right after this. So let's take a quick look at the tech spec on this reel.
Fishing Tails
2 months ago
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Very smooth Reel
Between my son (age 9) and I we have a few reels, but we just started fishing last year. We have a few south bend, which...yeah there's a reason i got myself a Shimano. We have two Pfluger's, a Kast king, a Mitchell 300, and an Okuma epixor 20. (pfluger 35 lady president, and golden wing combo with ...
That Guy
2 years ago
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Disappointing Reel
I recently purchased the Sedona reel for my son-in-law. Such a disappointment. Tried different fishing line in hopes the reel would be smoother. No such luck.!
JD Bass Fishing
10 months ago
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Is The Shimano Sedona Worth The Money? ~Honest Review~
So keep an eye on that as well. But yeah, I mean even brand new for 70 dollars, this is still a fantastic reel. you're gonna get a lot of fishing out of this
Humbug Videos
2 months ago
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Almost good...
It seemed to work great the first few times I used it, but I put it through its first full day of fishing today. It got wet a couple of times, which is to be expected when you're wading a stream, and each time it would become very difficult to reel in line. Like something inside the reel was jamming...
Amazon Customer
4 years ago
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SE1000FI- Monofilament capacity

2 lb./270 yd., 4 lb./140 yd., 6 lb./110 yd.

SE1000FI- Braid capacity

15 lb./85 yd., 20 lb./65 yd.

SE1000FI- Maximum drag

7 lb.

SE2500HGFI- Monofilament capacity

6 lb./200 yd., 8 lb./140 yd., 10 lb./120 yd.