Shark AI Ultra Robot

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  • Great for pet hair
  • Battery life is fantastic
  • New UltraClean Mode for pet hair and carpeting
  • App is not very intuitive
  • Relatively advanced automation features


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Shark AI Robot
The Shark AI Robot is a robot vacuum with relatively advanced automation features. While its app isn't very intuitive, you can still use it to set different cleaning modes, schedule cleaning sessions, or create virtual boundary lines to prevent the vacuum from entering certain spaces. This vacuum also has fantastic battery performance and can maneuver itself quite effectively
Kyle Bartlett
5 months ago
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Shark AI Self-Empty XL RV2502AE Review
For reference, the CDC says that 60dB is about the volume of a normal conversation or air conditioner. Dust bunnies and hair are no match for the Shark AI Self-Empty XL RV2502AE, which offers strong suction power, ample smart features, and a bagless self-emptying base that holds up to 60 days of dust and debris.
Angela Moscaritolo
5 months ago
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Things to know before you buy.
So this is more of a rebuttal to those that said this is the "Poor man's Roomba". I can say that I have owned the Neato, IRobot, and now the Shark. Yes folks I have even owned several models of both to clean both upstairs and downstairs. So, sorry to go against what some have said but... 1. It sound...
Tom D
1 year ago
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Better clean than iRobot
I’m writing this review as someone who has had many iRobot Roombas but just switched to Shark. I wanted the self-emptying base and I didn’t want to have to pay extra for the bags for the iRobot one. Before, I had the iRobot Roomba i7 (7150), which maps your home, can clean specific rooms, set no-go ...
10 months ago
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Shark AI Self Empty XL - Robot Vacuum REVIEW - LIDAR!
Overall, everything else on this model is what you need to get the most out of a robot vacuum. It cleans both hard floors and carpets really well and when you combine all the navigation and scheduling features with its high quality, auto empty bin.
Vacuum Wars
5 months ago
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Not compatible with 2021
Bought this shark robot to replace my 4 year old iRobot. After unpacking everything and downloading the app, I could not connect to my wifi. My wifi is too advanced. We have 5g and its not compatible. We have a mesh system which is a system that helps boost wifi through the house and it is not compa...
1 year ago
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Love it!
Love my Shark Robot! This is my first robot in a few years and a huge upgrade. My husband is supposed to help vacuum around the house and he messaged me he was home cleaning but when I arrived, I found the Shark robot doing its thing and he was off somewhere else. Not having to worry about emptying ...
David Yi
1 year ago
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So far I love it!
This lovely creation arrived today. So far I absolutely adore my shark and cant wait to have it fully incorporated into our daily lives! I did a ton of research for our first robo vac and shark is everything we could have hoped for!
Kori Lyn
1 year ago
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Fatal operational and customer service flaws-DO NOT BUY
Not easy to use, doesn’t pick up cat litter and hair, won’t connect to Wi-Fi, and dreadful customer service will sum up this review. I loved this vacuum the 1st week I owned it. We share our home with 4 cats so there’s some hair to be dealt with. I was excited about something to keep up with the fur...
Chi H.
9 months ago
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Review after 60 days of use.
I Owned a Roomba Robot before which I wasn't very happy with so I bought this unit to replace it with. After owning this Shark for a couple months I'll give it a review. First the Good things....... 1. Very quiet,I hardly hear it from other rooms while its running.It makes some noise while its empty...
8 months ago
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