iRobot Roomba i7+

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  • Great for pet hair
  • Easy to use app
  • Works well on hardwood floors and carpet
  • Bin is easy to empty
  • Doesn't need to be charged often


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I bought my Roomba i7+ 2 years ago. A few months back she started giving me an error 16.
6 months ago
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Roomba is great, automatic home base is junk
Arrived this week. Got a good run or two out of it before the app started telling me to manually empty the bin and clean the sensors. Thats odd, but I did it. Then it happened again on the next run. Empty clean repeat. And again and again. Called Roomba support. They can connect to the app and see t...
Amazon Customer
4 years ago
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No Support Whatsoever
So, if you buy this machine and it connects easily to your network, then great! You win. But…. If it does not, just send it back and don’t even bother calling tech support. Once the first level support reads you the instructions, they are done. That is the end of their knowledge on the product. Here...
Don Spriggs
1 year ago
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i7 w/ Auto Disposal - Animal Hair Review
This is my 3rd Roomba version. I also have a 690 and a 960. Full disclosure, I have 2 Australian Shepherds that shed profusely. I purchased this new Roomba with the auto disposal system to keep the pet hair under control. I have hard wood floors with several area rugs. I do NOT have wall to wall car...
3 years ago
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The best of the best!
This review will cover the i7 as well as another top contender I tried, the Deebot N8+. If you just want to read about the i7 please skip to that part. If you've done your homework, watched Vacuum Wars videos on YouTube and compared all available options right now, you may have landed on these 2 as ...
The Exacting Consumer
1 year ago
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This is by far the BEST iRobot vacuum I have ever owned thus far! It is so smart. It leaves the dock and vacuums in horizontal patterns from left to right and covers every square inch of my floors. It goes over all of my rugs, even the thick ones. What I love the most is when it gets full, it goes b...
3 years ago
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I went into this knowing it was less financially advantageous versus buying outright but wanted to see how iRobot handled the program. So far I’ve been happy in terms of the i7+ works great and just like our other one (duh).
1 year ago
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Well, I got tricked. I bought a used Roomba i7+ on craigslist, and when I got home I discovered it was part of the Roomba select program, with a deactivated subscription. The seller claimed not to know anything about it, but he's also stopped responding after previously offering a refund.
1 year ago
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Making the worst part of robot vacuums a lot better
The iRobot Roomba i7+ is one of the brand's hugely popular robot vacuums and that’s because it combines powerful cleaning power, smart mapping, and even empties its own dirt bin.
If you’ve got a smart speaker, you’ll be able to give the iRobot Roomba i7+ instructions and set it to ...
53 years ago
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Roomba i7+ auto-start only works when phone app connected to WiFi
Buyer beware: I was told by iRobot customer support that the smartphone app is what triggers the "start" of a scheduled cleaning, and that if the smartphone is not connected to a WiFi (not cellular) network at the time of the schedule start, the Roomba robot will not start automatically cleaning acc...
Michael H.
4 years ago
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Carpets,Tile,Carpet,Hard Floors

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