Sequential Take 5

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  • Great for beginners
  • Compact size
  • Full featured
  • 16 slot mod matrix allows for nearly endless possibilities
  • Highly recommend


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Best Poly Analog considering price/features
Not sure why someone would give this 1 star. I would say this has to be among the best poly (5 voice analog) synthesizers available today when you consider the price point. It would cost several hundred more to get something substantially better. I play mine everyday, the keyboard feels great! 2 pot...
J. Drees
8 months ago
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Take 5 Compact Poly Synth - Sequential
Genuine Sequential sound and quality at a price within your reach.
3 months ago
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Am I crazy for wanting to sell my OB-6 for a Take 5?
I wouldn't sell the OB6 to buy the Take 5, but rather sell if I didn't think I was getting good use from it. It's not a cheap synth and is limited in many ways. What it does, it does well and the sound can be arresting, but it can end up always fulfilling the same role: those filter mode sweep, fizzy pads. That is a nice sound, but nice isn't what makes synths useful.
What Should I Buy? /// Weekly Discussion - August 23, 2021
I should buy the Sequential Take 5. It's exactly the polysynth I have been waiting for - an affordable vco synth with a decent keybed.
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Friday Hangout /// Weekly Discussion - October 15, 2021
Much easier to do that sort of thing on Peak. Peak's built-in effects are miles better than Take 5's (which lines up with most criticisms I've seen of the T5). I also noticed some aliasing/ distortion/ clipping on pure sines with the T5 if osc level was above 75% and master volume was above 50% - you really have to be careful gain-staging this thing, it really wants to be aggressive.
Sequential's Take 5 poly, revealed: a compact $1299 synth with the Prophet 5 filter - CDM Create Digital Music
It’s the Sequential polysynth for the rest of us – the same resonant analog filter as on the Prophet-5 Rev 4, plus a premium keybed and features, but a compact size and US$1299 price. So yes, the Take 5 was leaked late last week. But now we have the full scoop from Sequential and Dave Smith, and – w...
3 months ago
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Help me buy my first fancy synth
The Sequential Take 5 feels like the right call here. Good analog sound, five-note polyphony, lots of modulation, great knob interface with minimal menu diving, decent keybed (not as good as Matriarch but still great), saves patches. I really like the Take 5 quite a bit.
Mid-tier poly synths for art-rock?
>Right now I'm eyeballing the Sequential Take 5. pretty sure those are quite similar to the rev 2 in sound. if you want to go in a different direction, you can get a full hydrasynth for less than Novation Peak prices. For textural stuff, wavetables *and* lots of modulation options is good. But it's probably top tier in terms of workflow, it's one of the best laid out synths I've seen in recent years.
Review: Sequential Take 5 - Mixdown Magazine
The purists will love the classic tones and the modern producer will be thrilled with the flexible engine. Owners of even the most restrictive studio space or desk, will make room for an instrument of this calibre. Sheer quality and rock-solid reliability have made Sequential the go-to for live performance for years and I expect many touring artists will be excited at the prospect to trade up for the Take 5
3 months ago
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Friday Hangout /// Weekly Discussion - October 22, 2021
Buying my first synth very soon and I’m 90% sure I’m getting the Sequential Take 5. Been watching tons of reviews and people speak very highly of this synth and so far I think it sounds great. Any thoughts?




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