Behringer Model D

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  • Great for beginners
  • Easy to use
  • Good value for money
  • A faithful recreation of the legendary Moog Model D analog synthesizer
  • Less than a tenth of the price of an original Model D


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Behringer Model D Analog Synthesizer - A Real-World Review - Mixonline
The Model D is a great educational tool that not only sounds great, but will give you a solid foundation for subtractive synthesis without breaking the bank. Behringer • www.behringer
3 months ago
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What is a synth that you don’t like that other people love?
Behringer Model D. Base Station 2. Although, these are really just the synths that I've owned as I ended really hating hardware and sold all my stuff once I realised that. I don't think they're bad synths at all, but hardware just isn't for me. Apart from the Volcas - they really are awful.
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Max fatness for the $
Truly a value you can't afford to pass up even if you're way past an analog monosynth. Anyone grieving any difference between the model D and the MiniMoog D simply feels abliged to do so and lives with too many cats. This thing is fantastic and an excellent tool for learning sound design. Once you k...
Denver C. Risley
3 years ago
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Behringer Model D Review and Programming – Berklee Online Take Note
The Behringer Model D is a faithful recreation of the legendary Moog Model D analog synthesizer, priced at a fraction of the cost of the original. With an advertised street price of $300, this recreation is less than a tenth of the price of an original Model D! Even if you’re not a fan of Behringer ...
3 months ago
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What mouse brands have the best quality control?
I have the Roccat KPU and it’s definitely the best build quality of all the ultralights I’ve tried (model O, model D, Skoll, and Xtrfy m4)
I am not a keyboardist (i'm a bassist), but I've wanted to have some fun with synths, so I've owned a Modal, Bastl, Korg, Moog, Arturia, Novation, ARP...trying each one and then selling it through the guitar shop where i used to work part time. THIS synth is the first one that I (a moron with this t...
4 years ago
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Behringer Model D - Giant Killer or Cheap Imitation?
What a blast cool so we've unlocked quite a few different sonic possibilities in the new new behringer. I reckon this one's on display, just above my my eurorack babies. So if you're, local or if you're not please, do take the trip come down ask for me, you can I'll be happy to chat about all this like
Andertons Synths, Keys and Tech
3 months ago
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What is the deepest, fattest, buzzy-est, and thickest mono or poly synth for under $1k right now?
I only in euro currency ..... but a Behringer Model D (the "Boog") at just over 300 euro is going to be tough to beat. But, up there (going by the synths I have) is the Korg MS20 (mini is cheap), and Arturia Mini & Microbrute. .... and that is just on the analogue synth side of things.
Faithful copy of the Mini-Moog Model D reissue
I loved this unit, and still do. So much so, I bought a second one so I could have a duophonic experience. One of the units was bought used, which invalidates the warranty. Everything went great until both failed. Amazon worked with me on getting their unit fixed, but nothing worked, so I sent it ba...
9 months ago
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Can we talk about how shitty people are to each other here lately?
I think a bit of thick skin is necessary for both life and internet use. It's really cool that everyone is encouraged to be positive to each other, but I'm good with someone shitting on my Behringer Model D and K2 if they want to, because I enjoy them. At the same time, I listen to a lot of the posted clips here and find absolutely most of them to be really boring and not worthy of posting. I usually just move one, but can understand why someone would post a negative comment.
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