Sequential Prophet 6

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Sequential not what it used to be
Contacted Sequential tech support by phone because I had some problems with one of the voices. There was a lot of noise on every 4th voice. Andy was unbelievable rude, I couldn’t be leave it. He said that’s normal and there is nothing they could do about it. I then red online they have all sorts of ...
Sinna Max
2 years ago
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Sequential Prophet-6, courtesy of DSI.
An analog synthesizer (except for digital effects), introduced by Sequential (Dave Smith Instruments) in 2015, as the then-envisioned successor to the Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 from the 1980s. DSI saw the Prophet-6 as a new version of the Prophet-5 update...
I make mostly deep house, dub techno, and ambient. I love analog subtractive synthesis and and was looking for something that could do rich melty pads, chewy chord stabs (the high pass filter was a big selling point to me for these), deep solid basses, and plucky arps. The Prophet-6, of course, is a top notch synthesizer. Everything about it feels solid and well made.
the super6, it’s my first big chungus synth (see comment)
so then i swithered about it for a year… and the chip shortage etc made me finally pull the trigger. especially since the sale price for music gear doesn’t go down for older stuff in the same way as, for instance, computer equipment. hell, they still sell the microKORG for pretty much what i paid for mine. i compared the prophet 6, the ob-6, the hydrasynth, matriarch, and others in this price range.
I arranged an exchange for a b-stock Prophet 6, and I am now a proud owner of my first Sequential/DSI synthesizer. I have to say that I'm a little disappointed in the OSCs and filter relationships, but it does sound and feel very, very good. It's a nice bread & butter synthesizer that is built to last. IMO, it doesn't have a certain special vibe that, for instance, my Matriarch has about it, but it sounds WAY nicer than any of my other poly options.
Sequential Prophet-6 Review
I programmed five new sounds in the first hour –unheard of for me!ConclusionOverall, Prophet-6 is a fantastic, solid, great sounding and easy (ish!)
3 months ago
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Disappointed by my dream synth, the Prophet-6
I've had a Prophet 6 for a while, it really did not click with me at first, but now it's my most-used hardware synth. A few things help. First, get used to the narrow sweet spots on the filter--it's fine if you're barely every turning resonance past 25% or opening cutoff all the way up. Pushing out of those ranges can lead to really cool experimental sounds, once you've got the hang of it, but for most classic sounds you'll want to keep fairly constrained.
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But it fills a different void in my sonic palette than I expected it to: it’s more modern-sounding. The Prophet 6 sounds really delightful to me.
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I had plans to buy a Prophet 6, but after that, I stopped liking Sequential, I feel they ask a lot of money for something that is made with cheap elements, except for the fatar keys. It was very disappointing for me as I always wanted to have a Prophet.
What is your most lusted after piece of gear right now.
And I’ve been lusting after it HARD. For many synths that I have wanted to have a fling with, I’ve been able to fill those needs OR get it out of my system with soft synths (thank you, plogue - chipsynth md is great!) or I just moved on from wanting those sounds. But for the ob-6, every oberheim-like soft synth has not filled that need.


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