Seiko SPB143

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  • Great for the price
  • Durable and tough watch
  • Accurate timekeeping
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Simple design


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The Seiko SPB143 Review - An Instant Classic Amongst Dive Watches.
Final Thoughts. I think it says a lot that I initially bought this watch just so that I could review it, but that I’m probably going to end up keeping it instead. The Seiko SPB143 just ticks all my boxes for what I want from a Seiko diver
2 months ago
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[Seiko] M.A.D. SPB143
First off we have the Seiko SPB143. When I first started seeing the articles about Seiko's upcoming reissues of the classic 62mas style divers earlier this year I was so pumped. I first saw the blue dial and later on the grey and knew I had to pick one up once they dropped. Fast forward a few months and I got the call last week that mine had arrived and it's just as good if not better than I had hoped.
Seiko SPB143 (SBDC101) -One Week Review- I Wish I Didn’t Review This
And also if you happen to like wearing only larger watches like 42 and above, you know, and you just once again like the look of the Spb, you know I still think that it has enough you know visual presence alongside, you know, enough enough heft to make it a smooth transition to a smaller watch just because you're not going to look down at your wrist and just see you know a tiny little thing and you're going to be able to feel it on your wrist. So yeah, there you have it.
The Watch Idiot
2 months ago
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[SOTC] Japanese, German and Swiss - My collection of three main watches
Plus, the blue dial is something to behold. It is a spectacular, brilliant blue in the sunlight and nearly black in other situations. The indexes play with the light in an amazing way. This watch is truly a GADA piece - it looks just as good with a sweatshirt and jeans as it does with a suit, and I can wear it in all but the most formal of occasions (and then, you probably shouldn't wear a watch anyways).
[SOTC] Three Kings 👑👑👑
Seiko SPB143: most recent member of the collection, have not taken it off since I got it. I think the 40.5mm case is the perfect size for a dive watch, the lume is crazy, and for seiko the bracelet isnt complete garbage which is surprising. This confidently took the place of my dive watch (sorry Mido), and I think it is here to stay.
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[Question] Is this date centering considered acceptable?
I bought a Seiko SPB143, my most expensive watch so far. I noticed after that the date is pretty much up against the top of the cut out, and with the shadow that is usually at the top of the window it even appears to be cut. Took it back to the Seiko AD and after inspecting it in their service it came back with the conclusion "within specifications".
[Question] Modern styled dive watch under 1000?
Seiko SPB143 is the one I’m really digging at the moment. That and the Doxa 200 although I with they had a black/white combo instead of the black/yellowish/gold.
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[SOTC] My current 2022 collection. I think I'm good for awhile.
Masterful collection. You really have the best of each brand I’d say. From the president to a seiko SPB143, this is an admirable collection without biases. Well fucking done
[SOTC] My collection after 2 years of actively collecting
Seiko Spb143 - actually the last watch I bought to reward myself after a nice payout on the stock market. I wear it a lot and it’s almost perfect, just runs with +20s/day :(. Iron Annie G38 Dessau - got this for christmas last year, great watch for the price, but hardly gets any wrist time unfortunately.
[Grand Seiko][Sinn 356 SA] Two watch collection… what’s next?
As mentioned, check out the Seiko SPB143. I have the 213, and it's a comfortable watch with a surprisingly decent bracelet.
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