Seiko SKX009

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  • Great for the price
  • Nice watch, but not a Rolex
  • Band is very comfortable and easy to size
  • Looks better in person
  • Jubilee band is very comfortable


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The Seiko SKX009J1 Review - Why The Seiko SKX Is The Go To Beater Watch (Updated 2021)
You get yourself a robust, reliable diver with a respected movement in a wearable size for an appealing price. The watch has a timeless classic design, not trying to be anything it isn't just doing all it needs to, affordably. Due to the popularity of the watch, servicing and parts are readily available and affordable
2 months ago
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[Omega] Just got my first big boy watch!
I decided that as a man I needed a watch to wear for the occasion and I spent what I could and purchased the Seiko SKX009 for around $250, a watch that I still love. On multiple occasions I'd be wearing the Seiko while my brother stood next to me wearing his Submariner and other guys would compliment my watch. Maybe they thought it was a pepsi, who knows, but it's a super charming watch.
Fantastic watch for the money
If you want a Submariner "homage" watch but you don't want to spend the $$, this watch is a great option. In fact, this watch is quickly becoming a top favorite of mine, right up there with my Rolex, Ball & Tag. The jubilee band is super comfortable, the "Pepsi" bezel makes the watch pop a little, a...
D. Goulian
3 years ago
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[Seiko] Finally got the call :)
My SKX009. The first one I’ve owned. Never thought I’d want one of these because of the obsolete 7S26 movement but I have to be honest and say that this specific watch is one of the most accurate automatics I’ve ever owned. Done up here with a lumed ceramic bezel insert, coin edge bezel and a Strapcode Angus-J bracelet.
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Just received it earlier today and it looks amazing and way better in person that the stock photo and even any video I have seen on it. I am not a huge man, but I can't imagine, so far, why anyone would want a heavier band with this watch than the jubilee that comes on it. The band was easily sized ...
4 years ago
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[Tudor] After years of wearing a SKX009 it was time to treat myself to a new watch.
My local resellers did not have this watch, by when I found it in an department store in Paris, with. An great deal I knew this was the one to buy. Now my SKX009 can be sent off for an service.
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The Seiko SKX is an Icon, But It's Time to Move On
So simply put, the Skx is absolutely worthy of that overused term of icon in watchmaking.
Teddy Baldassarre
2 months ago
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Fantastic watch
Its been about a year now since Ive owned this watch and i still love it. Ive gone back and fourth between natos and rubber straps but I always come back to the jubilee bracelet. not much i can say that hasnt been said about this icon. its just a great watch for the money.
5 years ago
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[Casio, Seiko, Vostok] When You Can't Decide What to Wear
**Seiko SKX009**: I don't know what I can say about this that hasn't already been said a million times over, but it rocks. Surprisingly the new 5KX are gaining popularity despite everyone saying how they would never get one because the original SKX is sooooooooOooOO much better.
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Living with Seiko SKX009 Full Review Of A Legendary Diver Watch
the old jeans that fit you perfectly there you just go to as an outfit and the old beater car that you can park it you can hit a curb with whatever you don't really care somewhere around there is how I feel about this watch if you don't have one in your collection. I would recommend you getting one get one on the doobly bracelet I Think these bracelets are pretty great I Don't know why so many people put them on in on these third-party bracelets. To me, they're perfect
24Hours At A Time
2 months ago
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Lug Width

20 mm

Case Size

36 mm