Seiko SARB033

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  • Great for everyday use
  • A classic design
  • Reliable and durable
  • Good quality and finish
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Seiko SARB033 and SARB035: Pure watch — Rescapement.
This isn’t a review as much as it’s an exaltation. The Seiko SARB033 and SARB035 are great watches — modern classics, as they say. Every time an example is posted on the watch exchange subreddit (r/watchexchange), it sells faster than a Hodinkee limited edition with a blue dial. To be sure, there’s ...
2 months ago
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[Discussion] Is anyone else as pedantic about chapter rings as I am?
Seiko is particularly bad for this, and it is an actual dealbreaker for me on watches like the SARB033 and Cocktail Time watches. I can't imagine any scenario in which I would need to know the time down to the precision of a tenth-of-a-second while wearing a dress watch. Frederique Constant also previously did this on their Classic Moonphase Manufacture (FC-715S4H6, pictured above), and this ultimately ruins what would otherwise be a stunning and almost perfect dress watch for me. These minute tracks feel tacked-on as an afterthought and make it feel like the watch is more of a parts-bin special than something thoughtfully considered.
Seiko SARB033 Review: The Ghost of Seiko Past? | Two Broke Watch Snobs
Is this Seiko watch worth the increased price that it is now demanding? I think the answer is yes.
[SOTC] 3 watch collection following major collection edits in 2020
Bought early this year and loved it, more than my Panerai which prompted the thoughts on edits. **“CasiOak” G Shock** \- really love this watch, my beater to wear to any context or activity or geography where I wouldn’t want $5k of wrist candy to ding up or get mugged over. Secret is I do have 2 other Seikos but I rarely wear them and they’re appreciating in value (SARB033, SARY087) so I’m hanging onto them mostly in storage mode to see what comes of their values over time.
Owner Review: Seiko SARB033 – Is it still worth it?
Birthdays, graduation or heirloom? You can do a lot worse than with a SARB033. Last thought on the Seiko SARB033.
2 months ago
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[ Rant ] Am I the only one not impressed by Seiko anymore?
It is no longer the best cheap diver--it is now the best entry-level mechanical watch on the market, period. It is Seiko pulling a Swatch but for mechanical watches, marketing all the features a general populace would want in an everyday watch, with all the style and variation for people to get super playful with their choices and collect multiple.
Amazing watch as expected. BEWARE OF USED WATCHES.
BEWARE OF USED WATCHES. Hey guys as you all know this watch is by far the best watch for your buck out there. I don't think you guys need any more information about how much value this watch provides at $300-$400. However, I want to make everyone aware of USED watches that were returned to Amazon an...
5 years ago
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[Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 38.5mm] Just got one of my grails (and my first luxury watch)
I'm so glad I held out and got what I really wanted rather than trying to scratch the itch with other watches. I haven't been able to get the smile off my face since I started wearing this watch and hope to have it long enough to pass on!
This Watch Is Already A Classic! - Seiko SARB033 Your Next Watch: WatchGecko Review
Overall, well, it's a perfect option to own in a rotating collection for those occasions when you want something a little more simple, classy, and appropriate.
2 months ago
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Best casual dress automatic watch in the market.
Love this watch. Having owned several automatic mechanical watches from Seiko, Citizen, and Orient, this SARB033 by Seiko is by far one of my very favorite. It exudes quality all around from fit and finish to functionality. I have a small approximately 7" wrist and this watch fits me perfectly. For ...
7 years ago
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