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Seiko Samurai: A Review on One of Seiko’s Best Diver’s Watches
Final Thoughts The Seiko Prospex Samurai is truly one of Seiko’s most popular dive watches today. Not only does it provide the necessary tools for diving, but it also boasts impressive accuracy and reliability. The AR35 calibre movement exceeds all expectations when it comes to sustaining a diver’s watch while also prioritizing precision
20 days ago
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Then they started sending out limited editions and improving slightly on current models - like the seiko king samurai and with it upping the price. Here comes the problem and my biggest WHY. The prices you see now on these limited and updated versions are not worth it.
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Watch of The Warrior: Seiko Prospex Samurai Review
The Seiko Prospex Hulk Green Samurai 200M Automatic Ref. The SBDY043 comes with a stainless steel bracelet with three fold clasps with a safety lock and push-button release with an extender. The Seiko Prospex Hulk Green Samurai 200M Automatic Ref
20 days ago
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Seiko Samurai: A Review of Seiko’s Powerful Dive Watch
Apart from that, the wavy pattern on the black dial is a treat to look at. Final Notes. The Seiko Samurai has proven time and again that it is a worthy diving companion
20 days ago
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[SOTC] My humble collection of affordable watches
Also picked up the Seiko Prospex Samurai second hand from a local seller for an amazing price. I like to be able to wear my watches, take care of them as much as possible, but not break the bank if an accident happens and a watch ends up damaged or broken.
I got a very good Dive/all around watch.
I liked everything about this watch it feels good on the hand it looks good and it’s a very functional watch it’s not my first one last one last 25 years. What I didn’t like is having to pay shipping for it would’ve been nice if it was free with that said it came very quickly and it was nice and sea...
Amazon Customer
7 months ago
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[Reef Tiger] my 18th birthday gift to myself
For my 17th birthday i bought myself the seiko samurai save the ocean, i spent half of my monthly pay check on it and it got me back into this hobby. This year i decided to keep the budget low ($150>) and after a ton of research i definitely found the right watch for the right price. Yes it's Chinese, but i dont mind it being Chinese, one of my "rules" for buying watches is that i judge watches by the quality and value they offer, not the brand/origin. And both the quality and the value this watch offers is incredible.
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This is a tool watch
I always wanted a Seiko watch, and an automactic watch. This watch covers both needs. The watch is really accurate, has amazing lume, and is easily read. The textured dial is something really special, I appreciate that's it's not too "much" as seen on other watches. I gave this watch 4 stars for 2 r...
2 years ago
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Seiko Samurai Watch Review - The Shadow Samurai!
These particular misalignments are so minut, though I could honestly be forgiven for not noticing until I looked at them under the loop or under these macro shots. More importantly, or rather, thankfully for me, it's not so much that I regret my purchase or hate checking the time all together to wrap it up. I Think the shadow Samurais a nice entry level divert from Seiko now that the Skx has been discontinued
20 days ago
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[Question] Modern styled dive watch under 1000?
The Seiko Samurai may be to your liking, or the Orient Kamasu both are well under 1k
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