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  • Great for pet owners
  • Relatively quiet
  • Good suction around the edges
  • German workmanship
  • Easy to use


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Excellent product, completely modular, parts are easy to find, works great but......
All these gushing 5 star reviews seem to overlook one flaw with this Sebo X4 that drives me nuts. I've owned Sebo vacs since the early 2000's. I have 2 of them - one is circa 2002 and the other is from 2018. Great machines and I'll get into the fine details after nearly 2 decades of ownership below....
2 years ago
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Good suction
the vacuum needs a 2 way power switch so the roller brush can be shut off while using the hose and wand. A little expensive.
4 months ago
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Moto G Power (2021) vs Pixel 4a
Some taps didn't register at all when I think they should have. I do plenty of things on my phone without looking, like typing and code input, but I don't feel like I could do that with this phone. * Performance: Lag was the main issue and some things were simply slow. Not unbearable, but definitely noticeable.
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Harman-target tuned open-back headphones
Matching Harman seems a bit more difficult in an open back due to the rolloff of the subbass in most open back, dynamic driver headphones. Heck, iirc HD 600 measures pretty darn close except in the low-end (edit: pref rating: 93/100 before EQ), Hifiman Sundara (pref rating 94/100), Philips X2HR (pref: 91/100), and the Hifiman HE-400se/HE-X4 (pref: 86/100) are all solid options. Really though, I'd just trawl Oratory's EQ Database till you find something close to the target before Oratory's EQ for your liking.
SEBO Automatic X4 Review
No need to travel to see us, it's just a matter of opening that door and you're going to be able to retrieve 90 of your clogs. Cleaning service applications: Love this vacuum cleaner because it can be serviced by itself. You can take the brush roller out
Swanson's Vacuum
1 month ago
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An Exelent Vacuum
don't use on varnished floors. It will scuff the finish... On carpet, It's the best I have ever used! I wish I had it 40 years ago.
Amazon Customer
2 years ago
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What Did You Play This Week? - (February 15, 2021)
Played again tonight and we could see the bulbs were starting to light up. Really interesting design.
RICCAR 25 series delux, Sebo automatic x4, or Sebo Felix?
Being able to swap out the motorized carpet brush for a dedicated hard floor nozzle is an absolute game changer. The SEBO X4 is more oriented towards homes that are all carpet, and the Riccar R25 just isn’t on the same level of of quality as a SEBO if it’s anything like the old American-made Riccars before they moved to China.
1 year ago
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I love this!
I decided to get a Sebo after breaking my upright Miele. I have two German Shepherds and a lab, plus I live on a mountain with a dirt road. I absolutely need a good vacuum. After receiving my new vacuum I was excited to use it immediately! I love how much easier it is to maneuver, and the automatic ...
10 months ago
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Recommendations for a good vacuum for carpeted and hardwood floor for people with long hair and cats?
Sebo automatic. I bought a second hand X4 on the grounds that my mum's is now 12 years old. Bought for £40, replaced the motor brushes and all filters for a further £25, runs like new. The brush pulls out for hair removal, I just run a pair of scissors down the spiral between the bristles and it all comes away easily enough.




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