SEBO Felix

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  • Great for pet owners
  • Powerful suction
  • Easy to use and maneuver
  • Excellent warranty


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Strong suction, Company upright
What are we cleaning: Small house, mostly wood floors but with area rugs of varying height, tile kitchen. We use this up three floors. So I've had this since June 2015 and bought it on Amazon so have almost three years of experience. We bought the 2/8-bag pack and literally just ran out! Quite amazi...
5 years ago
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Excellent lightweight vacuum that is not a Dyson
Excellent upright vacuums that are far better than Dyson that few know about are Sebo and Riccar. Those machines clean like **crazy**, and last a LONG time. A Sebo Felix cleans both carpet and hard surfaces (interchangeable base), and I know folks who still use theirs after 15+ years like-new.
Sebo Felix ROCKS compared to a canister vacuum. It literally cuts vacuuming time in half because I'm not navigating the canister around corners and furniture, the cord is SUPER long, and the combo rug/floor head is truly dual use. This is because of the amazing suction.
Sebo Felix is a fantastic tool!
Overall, I love this vacuum and I would purchase this again. It's very quiet and does not scare my animals at all which is a plus because I used to try and vacuum when the pets were awake, now I vacuum whenever! Also, super easy to clean the brush roll! No more detaching a belt and hurting my finger...
Georgia N.
3 years ago
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SEBO Felix Premium Upright Vacuum with ET-1 Rosso 9809AM | Buckhead Vacuums
Amazingly, the Felix can even morph into a hard-floor polisher by attaching SEBO’s DISCO head. SEBO Felix Premium Upright Vacuum with ET-1 Rosso is a power head vacuum. The stylish Felix offers all the flexibility of a canister vacuum cleaner in an upright configuration!
3 months ago
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I was able to try out both a Sebo Felix and a Dart in our home. Both vacuums did an amazing job of cleaning our carpets, rugs and hardwood floors.
2 years ago
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After doing some extensive research on this sub I decided to purchase a Sebo Felix. I called around all local dealers and was quoted 699 brand new at basically every place. I did however find a local shop that had a damn near mint condition display onyx model, and was able to get it for 550 inlcuding a set of 8 replacement bags, and a parts and labor warranty etc. Super pumped!.
I splurged and got a sebo Felix based on advice in this sub. But I hate it! It stinks when I use it like a plastic chemical smell.
Sebo Felix - Don't Waste Your Money
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FAQ Discussion: What's the difference between a "Budget" and a "Buy It For Life" vacuum?
On the opposite side, pretty much everything by Dyson after 2010 is overpriced and under par.). There are lots of BIFL vacs that, while expensive, aren't unreasonably so: Miele C2 Electro, Sebo Felix/Dart, Sebo K- and E-Series are all less than $1000, and considering they'll last 2-3 times as long as a good budget vac, the cost is justifiable in lots of cases. And then we get to the freaks: used and rebuilt Kirbys. Yeah, they're not modern and buying them from salesmen is a joke, but they truly can last forever for cheap if you know your way around the market.
1 year ago
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