Samsung The Frame 2021

Samsung The Frame 2021

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Great display for art
No-gap wall mount
Separate box for ports
Solar and USB-C rechargeable remote
Can support latest game consoles and soundbars
Not compatible with Samsung's OneRemote for universal remote programming
Issues with mounting hardware and setup
Some compatibility issues with certain devices


Overall, reviews for Samsung The Frame 2021 are mixed. Many reviewers appreciate its ability to display art and its optimized display for art, as well as its no-gap wall mount and separate box for ports. However, some reviewers have had issues with the TV's performance with certain devices, its mounting hardware, and its user interface. Additionally, some reviewers have criticized the TV's price and the limitations of its Tizen operating system. Despite these mixed reviews, the Samsung The Frame 2021 remains a popular choice for those who value art and design in their home entertainment setup.


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