Samsung Odyssey G5

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  • Great for dark to moderately-lit room
  • Quick response time, high refresh rate, and low input lag
  • Curve is fantastic
  • 34 inch model is available
  • Price is good


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Samsung Odyssey G5 LC27G55T
The Samsung Odyssey G5 LC27G55T is a budget gaming monitor with a 1440p resolution. It's better suited for a dark to moderately-lit room, as it has a high contrast ratio to produce deep blacks but doesn't get bright enough to overcome intense glare. It has a quick response time, high refresh ra...
Thomas Hervieu
4 months ago
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The Review I wish I read before ordering...
First let's list the positives: -The curve! That curve is absolutely fantastic and will make it hard to go back to any flat screen in my opinion. -Size! 27 or 32 inches is perfect for any 1 person gaming setup. (I have the 27 inch and its perfect, especially with that curve) -Freesync (Gsync maybe)!...
2 years ago
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Samsung Odyssey G5 LC34G55T Monitor Review (2021) - Another Ultrawide Gaming Option?
Overall, the 34 inch Samsung Odyssey G5 is good.. It performs best for gaming, because that's what it's designed for
4 months ago
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Horrible Ghosting and Motion Blur, HDR Poor. Returned
I bought this in Sept 2020 prior to any reviews being posted. I honestly expected more from Samsung, but this monitor was the worst I've ever owned. Whenever you scroll, everything dark or black leaves trails. You don't even need to scroll fast. This is especially bad with dark sites/programs such a...
Jason Dylan
2 years ago
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LG 27GL83A-B, LG 27GL850-b or 27in G5?
Odyssey G5 uses a VA panel so it has deeper blacks but it also has a lot of smearing in dark colors. I don't recommend it. The only VAs I can recommend are Odyssey G7 and 32GK850G which have little to no smearing.
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Samsung Odyssey G5 S27AG50 Monitor Review - Just another midrange 1440p gaming monitor?
The 2021 odyssey g5 can flicker the backlight between 120hz and 165hz, depending on your input signal, which is great for the clearest image you can still enable it at lower frame rates, but the flicker frequency doesn't go any lower, so you may see duplication of moving objects. You also can't use black frame insertion when adaptive sync is enabled, so you do need to make the trade-off between extra clarity and responsiveness when changing frame rates.
4 months ago
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Everything you need from the more expensive Odyssey G7 and nothing you don't, at half the price.
I've been searching for a curved 32 inch gaming monitor for quite some time now, and until recently, most options were priced out of my range. In particular, the Samsung Odyssey G7 seemed like my ideal holy grail monitor, but at holy grail pricing. So when Samsung released a pared-down version in th...
Adam Norris
2 years ago
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Samsung Odyssey G5 vs MSI MAG274QRF
MAG274QRF is better. Odyssey G5 is slow. It has smearing in dark colors and some other minor issues. The MSI monitor has better colors.
[Monitors]Samsung Odyssey 49" G9 Curved QLED 240hz $1,099.99
I just returned a Samsung Odyssey G5 C34G55T, one of the smaller siblings to this monitor (34" ultrawide, 3440x1440, 165Hz, VA panel) and I will never buy another Samsung monitor unless there are literally no other options. Something to keep in mind with the G9/Neo G9 is that it *requires* firmware updates to function correctly, the firmware update process can be extremely finicky, has to be done in the correct order or it just won't work, and it still has problems even after the most recent update. In fact, it introduced several new problems. Samsung's monitors are impressive from a technical standpoint, but their support and reliability is absolutely horrific.
I took a chance on this product for Prime day despite a couple of mixed reviews and deeply regret it. The response time on this display is worse than any other display I've ever used in my entire 20 year career in technology. Attached to this review is a sample from Blur Buster (a website designed c...
Collin Caley
2 years ago
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Display Type

QLED monitor / TFT active matrix

Diagonal Size


Curved Screen

Yes (1000R)

Adaptive-Sync Technology

NVIDIA G-SYNC, AMD FreeSync Premium Pro