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  • Great for music
  • S22 ultra is for all intents and purposes a new galaxy note
  • Another Samsung launch


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Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus Review: Samsung's Middle Child May Be My Favorite
All told, the Galaxy S22 Plus is a solid upgrade for Android users looking to replace an aging device.
Lisa Eadicicco
7 months ago
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Maybe the P6 Pro is really just a flagship phone relative to what Google offers but not when compared to other options like the S22 Plus or Ultra. After watching their rollout and watching some reviews the S22 lineup looks pretty good and like a finished, solid product. Whenever I've jumped into a Pixel, I can't help but feel like I'm stuck with a good looking beta and they're still fixing the plane as it's up in the air.
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Sunday Rant/Rage (Nov 14 2021) - Your weekly complaint thread!
If the S22 ultra has a camera at parity with the Pixel 6 Pro I'm never going back to a Google phone again. This implementation of Android 12 is a joke, as well as it being launched in beta condition. Google removes features and usability every year while Samsung is inventing them.
10 months ago
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The display is still so amazing and very bright - although the new brighter screen on the S22 is something I'd definitely love to see in person. I'm one of those who uses the display on the Natural setting. Software experience has been mostly good, though has aged very well with updates. Android 12 on this phone feels quick and stable.
Galaxy S22/S22 ultra official Samsung renders/images
The S22 looks like the perfect device for me. It should be a nice upgrade from my S21.
9 months ago
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Samsung's Galaxy S22 might feature a much smaller battery than its predecessor
Would have preferred a thicker phone (and thus thinner camera bump). I wish they would make a smaller Ultra, the same size as the S22 but with the ultra's flagship features like LTPO display with support for 10-120Hz, 1/1.33" sensor, prism telephoto, WiFi 6E, thicker for more bigger battery. Change to 4x S22 models: S22/S22+ and S22 Ultra/S22+ Ultra (like Apple's lineup).
How has your experience it been owning a Pixel 6/6pro?
It's been ok. I don't feel it's any better than a Samsung or iPhone, but I've run into bugs/issues which have led me to preorder the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Just feel Samsung phones are more polished phones in hardware and software.
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Just switched over from android, I’m loving this phone!
Returned the s22 plus for the iPhone 13(green) and never looked back. Never cared for the 120hz screen on the s22 plus. I know a couple months down the road the s22 will start to bog down while the 13 will still be buttery smooth.
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Pixel 6 vs S22
But that said the s22 is overall better, better screen, processor and update support. It also has a more compact if you like that. While it is more expensive if you can afford it it is the phone to get. If you can't afford the Galaxy s21 is a good choice as well and has better battery life.
6 months ago
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Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro launch Megathread
I'm so glad they are $200 cheaper than what people expected. It's a great idea by Google because now Samsung is in trouble. They need to lower their prices for Galaxy S22
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