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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

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  • Great for photography
  • Fast processor
  • Huge screen
  • Among the most impressive cameras available on an Android phone
  • The specs are more than good enough


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Maybe the iPhone 15 pro super max will catch up to the incredible camera of our phone. S21 ultra 😎
My S21 ultra has been the most overrated camera experience on a phone I've ever had. It's good with bright outdoor landscapes. 10x zoom is good only in bright lighting. But the camera lets me down every time I try to take a picture of my kid inside, every time it comes out as a blurry mess.
1 year ago
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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Specifications
>According to our sources, the Galaxy S21 Ultra weighs 228 grams and is housed in a case made of glass and metal, which is also certified according to IP68 and is therefore marketed as water- and dust-proof. There are again stereo speakers and an ultrasound-based fingerprint reader. The operating system runs Android 11 with the new Samsung One UI 3.1. The Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G editions available in Germany are basically dual-SIM models with two NanoSIM slots.
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A mind-blowing and incredible experience.
I wanted to give this phone some full usage before I wrote my review and I can finally get into full detail. Before I jump into my pros vs cons let's just mention my personal final thoughts. Get it! Thought over. Whether you are transitioning from Apple to Android or just upgrading, this is without ...
2 years ago
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For the cost, could've been better
So I spent nearly 3 weeks reviewing the Note 20 ultra this phone and the S22 Ultra comparing everything I could watching videos ect. I ultimately went with this over the S22 just because there was a lot of complaints with the S22. I've had this phone for just over a month now, and my first impressio...
Justin B.
4 months ago
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Pixel 4a 5G for $250 or Samsung S21 5G for $500
Ok, I can get a deal on a new phone. I know that the Samsung S21 has some better specs than the Pixel 4a 5G. I have always had a Samsung Phone, but I keep phones for a while. I currently have an S7 (yeah, I know).
1 year ago
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Verdict – Powerful Flagship
However, the S21 Ultra fails to outperform its competitors even with the new HM3 sensor due to varying image quality issues, particularly in regard to lack of details and oversharpening. Nevertheless, Samsung managed to build one of the best and certainly most versatile smartphone cameras currently available.The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is not without its flaws, but it is without a doubt one of the best smartphones currently available
Daniel Schmidt
7 months ago
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Am I the only one disappointed with the Galaxy S21 Ultra?
The issue is that if you knew it'll always open on the 1st page, you'll instinctively know where you'd need to swipe to to get the app you want. As it is, if I close the app drawer on page 5, I'm not gonna remember an hour later when I open the app drawer that I closed it on page 5 therefore I need to scroll back 3 pages to get to page 2. It'd be more consistent if it opened to the first page every time.
1 year ago
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More phone, less money
I know Samsung isn’t to blame for RCS’s problems, but as the biggest Android seller in the US, you’d like to think the company would try to fix this..But if you know your way around Android, you can make the S21 Ultra a really amazing and powerful phone. Dodge or disable all those ads and install all the non-Samsung versions of software, and it’s a powerful and sometimes elegant experience..Samsung is also better at letting customers customize its software for gigantic phone screens than Apple is.
Dieter Bohn
7 months ago
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Great phone with good camera quality
The media could not be loaded. Pros the phone has a good camera and very good screen quality. I post the front camera and back camera videos to show the quality. I took pic with front camera. The speed is great and the memory is good no need for a SD card. Cons is the battery the battery life is ave...
miranda ariel nwosu
2 years ago
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18 Month Review, I love this Phone!
I completely forget to review this phone. Had it almost a year and a half and I love it now as much as the day I got it. This is actually my first "flagship" phone. I usually get more budget oriented phones because I honestly didn't think there was a difference other than people wanting the newest a...
Will Fisher
1 month ago
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