Samsung Galaxy S21

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  • Great for the price
  • Good battery life
  • Decent camera quality
  • Fast charging time
  • No headphone jack or external SD card slot


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What did I even buy?
I ordered this the day before yesterday. I was extremely happy with the quick delivery but I'm extremely concerned right off the bat. While the box is initially sealed with stickers, everything beyond that point makes it seem like the phone is used or refurbished. Inside the box it was dusty, the in...
C. Stucky
2 years ago
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So here is my little review ask me anything if you want. Also im not a funboi i was still critical in many google devices like the 5 and 4a 5g and even then one i owned the pixel 4 xl. If the phone was not good i would gladly get the xiaomi mi 11 ultra or even the samsung galaxy s21 im not tied to any brand. So this above its my honest opinion.
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Galaxy S21 Review: Would You Notice?
But overall, this is no doubt the best bang for the buck in the lineup.
Marques Brownlee
25 days ago
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Xiaomi launches the Mi 11 flagship 5G phone with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888
Ouch, just in time to make the leaked Samsung Galaxy S21 specs look truly subpar for the price
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Excellent phone and price combo
Pros: Snapdragon 888, 8GB RAM, 128GB, Back Camera: 8K@24fps, UHD@60fps, Wide angle, 30x little fuzzy Zoom Front Camera: UHD@60fps 120Hz Display 4000 mAh battery. Cons: No external SD card, No FM Radio, No NFC
Aaron Maharaj
2 years ago
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Sony Xperia 5 II review: A decent phone you shouldn't buy
Yeah you should totally buy the new Samsung Galaxy S21 which lacks expandable storage, headphone jack and a charger! /s
I will be buying this phone as my next upgrade because I vote with my wallet.
Phone come without charger....Interesting
This item doesn't came with the charger......which suppose to i need to buy it seperately
2 years ago
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Nice Phone but really?
Ok Samsung is getting cheap! No memory card slot. Not having the extra storage via SD card is a real bummer. My bad for simply assuming it would have it, if I knew it didn't come with I would have reevaluated my purchase. Phone requires audio 'dongle' for analog audio output since there is no mini j...
Cary L. King
2 years ago
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Disappointed in the size of the Pixel 6?
I was disappointed with the size so I went to feel a similar sized Samsung Galaxy s21+ at a store and it didn't feel too big at all for me, this is coming from a guy who only buy small phone. So maybe wait and try it out before being disappointed.
Great phone! Lousy delivery.
Other than the fact that USPS delivered it to the wrong address, and having good neighbors who brought it to me. The phone is awesome.
2 years ago
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