Samsung Galaxy A72

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  • Great for the price
  • Good camera
  • Fast performance
  • Nice design
  • Waterproof and dust proof


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Verdict - proven recipe for success developed further
With its strong and further improved features, Samsung's Galaxy A72 has the best prerequisites to continue the success of its predecessor.The Galaxy A72 collects plus points with its 6.7-inch Super AMOLED display with 90 Hz, immense brightness and HDR10+
Manuel Masiero
4 months ago
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Samsung A72 or Pixel 4a
In my opinion I would get the Samsung Galaxy A72 as it gets Android 11 out of the box, way bigger 5000mah battery, IP 67 water and dust resistant, 90Hz OLED display, wide angle lens and a sd card. The pixel in my opinion has better software UI and better photo quality.
Samsung A72 vs OnePlus Nord. What would last me longer?
The A72 is just one level down from their flagship so they will maintain it. I trust Samsung way more than I trust Chinese companies in terms of software (Nothing against Chinese companies, amazing value for money, but all of them seem to fail in software. Same thing with Xiaomi).
[Rumor] Galaxy S22 screen sizes: 6.02, 6.55 and 6.81
I'm a little surprised that they did not include an Under Panel Camera with this series. I was hoping it would come to the new S line-up and then end up with the more mainstream A series. I'm using a A71, the A72 with a hybrid nano SIM/micro SD slot in my region in a dealbreaker. I was hoping A73 or A74 would get an UPC if S22 had it.
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What Should I Get?: Samsung S9 or samsung a70?
Get the new a72, check the reviews on
Samsung Galaxy A72 review
Even so, it feels very well put together and solid in hand. Compared to the previous-gen Galaxy A71, the A72 has grown in pretty much every dimension. Measuring 165 x 77
4 months ago
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Which Android Phone Should I Buy?
Camera quality might be good on the OnePlus or Samsung depending on certain situations. In my opinion I would either wait for the next generation of the OnePlus Nord or get the A72 as it gets a bigger battery.
Are Samsung A and M series phones long lasting?
A52/A72 are good options. Not the best specs wise but runs smoothly in day-to-day usage. Samsung also promises 3 years of software updates and 4 years of security updates. I think this is the closest you'll come to update situation in android to Apple's.
I need a new phone, currently have Galaxy S7
(Particularly the A52 or the A72). I think you'd still get a lot of the core Samsung experience, but they are cost effective and might help you avoid being talked into anything by the carrier because they're unlocked.
Samsung Galaxy A72 Camera review: Enticing option in its segment
Samsung Galaxy A72, medium-range tele Samsung Galaxy A72, crop: strong loss of detail. Results are similar for Video, where the Samsung is again middle-of-the-pack with a score of 92. This puts it 19 points behind the best High-end phone for movie recording — again, the Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro 5G
4 months ago
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