Samsung Galaxy A52

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  • Great for the price
  • Camera is good but not great
  • Display is good
  • 5G connectivity but not compatible with Verizon
  • No headphone jack


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Verdict - Only small compromises compared to the 5G model
Even without 5G, the Samsung Galaxy A52 is a good smartphone that was refined in useful ways compared to the predecessor.On the other hand, the LTE version offers a longer battery life, and there isn't much difference in the system performance either.
Mike Wobker
4 months ago
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Opinions on under-screen finger print sensors.
I have a Galaxy A52 and it's my phone with a fingerprint sensor and it's pretty good. Can't complain about speed.
Looking for a Budget phone $300-500 with a good camera
I'd go with the Galaxy A52 5G, has practically all you want. Or the Pixel 4a 5G, which has a slightly faster chip, and a better camera but no 120hz, and a smaller battery (it should be enough tho). Edit: Forgot to mention the Pixel 4a 5G does not have MicroSD slot.
Samsung Galaxy A52 5G review
The Samsung Galaxy A52 5G packs a superior 120Hz AMOLED panel compared the A52 4G's 90Hz display of the same 6.5-inch diagonal and 2,400 x 1,080 px resolution. The support for HDR10+ is another feature exclusive to the 5G model, but that comes with a catch we'll get back to in a bit. A flat sheet of...
4 months ago
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Current S8 is perfect but need recommendations for a sizeable upgrade
(Usually how they keep customers, put damn good deals on trade ins). Or if not, there's the midrange Galaxy A52 5G. The new S21 models lose the SD card and headphone jack, but this keeps them both. As well as IP67 water resistance.
It’s not the cheapest budget phone, but it will go the distance
Anyway, it’s there, it works, and you can indeed turn your face into broccoli. There’s a lot that the Galaxy A52 5G gets right.
Allison Johnson
4 months ago
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Best mid-range android with a headphone jack?
The galaxy a52 5g is really good. Still has the headphone jack
Samsung Galaxy A52 5G Review
That’s similar to what you’ll get on the Pixel 4a 5G, though Google phones generally get updates much faster than Samsung ones do. From its attractive and durable design to its gorgeous AMOLED panel and 5G connectivity, there's a lot to like about the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G.
Steven Winkelman
4 months ago
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4. Galaxy A52 - Seems to have the best camera reviews among this range while sacrificing a lot of performance. Other considerations include the Mi11x and the OnePlus Nord 2.
Worth every penny got it for my mom . has a better battery then iPhone 12 / 11 .. lol sad but true . also the camera are amazing . love it . fast and the screen is beauty .
1 year ago
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