Samsung CHG90

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  • Great for gaming
  • Very expensive but worth it
  • No sleeping/resuming issues at all as others have reported
  • Horizontal lines in the picture
  • You'll regret not having the extra pixel density later


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Does what it sets out to do beautifully. Question is, does it meet your needs?
I've now had this monitor for four days. I will update this review periodically as I own it longer. I've had no sleeping/resuming issues at all as others have reported. I am using Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04 and the monitor 100% works flawlessly with both. I give this monitor 5 stars because it acco...
Matt Greer
5 years ago
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Samsung CHG90 49-Inch Curved Ultrawide Monitor Review
The Samsung CHG90 will appeal to gamers who fancy an ultra-wide monitor. The large screen area also lets you open several windows at once to display different kinds of content.
Tony Hoffman
3 months ago
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Great!! Once I Replaced it.
This is a great monitor. I would be very cautious, or maybe just as cautious as one should when buying a monitor. When I first got it, there were strange horizontal lines in the picture. They were an issue with some pixels it seems. The issue was most clearly seen on a light blue or white background...
Jeffrey Bunn
2 years ago
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I have descended.
It looks like the same issue I had with my CHG90 where it sometimes will turn on and look like this, then the image will slowly turn back to normal. Firmware issue, and very infuriating.
Great monitors for traders
I use my monitors for trading purposes and not playing games. The monitors were very easy to Install. The installation instructions were adequate but not even needed for anyone who has installed monitors before. The wall adapter that came with the TV was used in order to install 2 monitors on the du...
2 years ago
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My G9 Experience shared, hopefully to help others
Still haven't updated the firmware to fix the black screen when trying to enable 240hz (strix 3090 oc edition), monitor still pops and cracks daily (been 6months now), light bleeding, HDR white wash issue (dont even bother having it enabled anymore) and still have flickering with gsync enabled. I own the chg90, crg9 and now this. I won't be buying the new panel though because it has absolutely no features that are compelling enough. In my opinion Samsung really botched this product.
Pricey but worth it for me!
When I saw how wide this was I had to have it. Monitor is very crisp and clear. It's probably the best monitor I've ever owned. My previous monitor was Microboard M340CLZ. That was a 34 inch ultrawide running at 3440 x 1440. I thought I would miss the resolution from my Microboard but it hasn't been...
Toby Grantham
5 years ago
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Size does matter with the Gaming Beast.
I have owned this Beauty now for over 24hrs... Here are my first few thoughts First I have this connected to my DP port on a Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1070 Mini ITX OC 8GB GDDR5. Then I have the 2 DVI ports connected to my older Dell 2707wfp monitors (owned since 2007) and my HDMI connected to my visio 6...
Captain Awesome
5 years ago
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Great screen
I am not a gamer. I use this for design work and was tired of having 3 different monitors on my desk. So I switched them all out to this guy. The screen is pretty amazing. I needed to download the driver from Samsung's website as Windows was not able to get the right ratio's from its automatic compa...
Varley not Farley
2 years ago
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Streamlines work better than I thought.
Holy crap. This is the ultimate. It looks 10x better than having a pair of 24 inchers strapped to your desk. It reduces cable clutter by 50%. It looks like a super model had a baby with a spaceship, and then a tesla had a baby with several large panel flatscreens, and then THOSE two babies had a bab...
5 years ago
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2 x HDMI DisplayPort Mini DisplayPort Headphones 2 x USB 3.0 downstream USB 3.0 upstream Audio line-in

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