Samsung CHG70

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  • Made for gaming
  • 144Hz refresh rate
  • 1ms response time
  • HDR compatible
  • Quantum Dot LED display technology


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Samsung CHG70 27-Inch Curved Monitor Review
Between its balanced resolution, HDR capabilities, FreeSync 2, high curvature, wide color gamut, and very good image quality, the Samsung CHG70 27-Inch Curved Monitor has a lot to recommend as a gaming monitor—enough to earn it our Editors' Choice. Even better, it can double as a very able monitor for video watching.
Tony Hoffman
5 months ago
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The LG 27GN950 is awesome, but HDR 600 is pretty much useless. Here's a lil backlight zone test in case you were wondering.
HDR600 is bad on the predecessor of the G7 the CHG70. HDR is useless without FALD. Can't compete of course with OLED, too bad it eventually gets burn-in.
Also wtf is Microsoft waiting for, fix HDR already.
MISLEADING ADVERTISING. HDR does NOT work with 1ms refresh rate, it's either HDR or 1ms, bot both.
I was very angry when I found out this monitor did not work with HDR enabled and 1ms response time. Not once do they mention that it's either HDR, or 1ms. If you want this as a gmsing monitor, please save your money and skip the HDR and this monitor, just get a decent 1ms monitor with good inherent ...
4 years ago
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[HUB] Samsung Keeps Stuffing Up - Fixing the Broken Odyssey Neo G9
Samsung is just awful, at least in the monitor department, from several monitor model reviews on their website, their QC is non-existent.
CHG70, Odyssey G7, G9 and now G9 neo all have defects that come straight from production.
Terrible quality control
Monitor arrived with dead pixel right in the center of the screen (see photo) and two clusters of dim pixels (one approximately 3x5 pixels in size and the other approximately 2x2 pixels in size) two thirds of the way down the screen, about an inch out from the screen’s left side. Was investigating R...
4 years ago
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Does anyone have a rtings insiders account? Samsung G7 is online.
I'm sooo disappointed by this monitor. Turns out to have the same Gsync flickering and garbage HDR as my CHG70. I wonder if they fixed the reverse ghosting though.
If your rig can handle 1440p, buy this monitor.
I love this monitor. Bright whites and dark darks. The colors are vibrant thanks to Samsung's Quantum Dot LED and 144hz refresh rate makes any game run as smooth as butter. The 1800r curvature is subtle yet noticeable. It pulls you into the experience better than a flat monitor does. The menu interf...
Adrian & Katherine
5 years ago
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Some information other than COLORS POP.
UPDATE: 11/16/17 - Samsung has released another firmware update that lowers Freesync range down to 48-144hz. The overdrive issue remains. tftcentral has published a wonderful review that brings to light this monitors biggest weakness (pixel response times, black smearing, etc). UPDATE: 10/27/17 - I ...
5 years ago
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Samsung Odyssey G5 with strange discolouration in the screen. What is this?
This is one of the reasons im done buying samsung anything, i have the 32 chg70 and ive had to rma it 4 times, (failed power supply, backlit dieing just like above, and hdr litterally turns everything black and white) their QA is absolutely trash across the board. i also recently had a tv of theirs die after 2 years.
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Checks every box - you won't regret your purchase.
For context, my PC consists of a factory clocked i7-7700k, GTX 1070 and16 GB of RAM. I took the leap of faith on the 27" version of this monitor and have to say i absolutely love it. I primarily use my PC for gaming (PUBG, BF1, LoL) and I've owned and experimented with many types of displays with va...
5 years ago
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