RSL Speedwoofer 10S

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  • Great for the price
  • Clean, punchy bass
  • Wireless transmitter works like a charm
  • Doesn't go quite as deep as the big boys
  • Compression Guide Technology


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RSL Speedwoofer 10S Subwoofer Review
Okay, so I'm about to upgrade from a Dayton Sub-1000. I think the RSL SW10S might be perfect (for a large room and mostly bassy music use), but some seem to suggest that the BIC PL-200 ii might be nearly as good. Others suggest moving up to the SVS PB-1000
4 months ago
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Possible Noob Mistake: Monolith 10" Subwoofer is HUGE
The appropriate answer is to keep the monolith. You'll adjust to the size and the deal you got in performance for the dollar is essentially untouchable now. Anything you replace it with WILL be inferior in terms of performance. If you must replace it (don't) and cannot up your budget for an SB2000 then the other poster is correct, the choicr becomes the RSL speedwoofer 10S.
In the market for a new subwoofer
The consensus on $400ish subs available in the US seems to be that the RSL Speedwoofer 10S is the winner… though there would be a wait, since their current order seems to be sold through. The Emotiva has an F3 of 28Hz and the RSL has an F3 of 24Hz.
Best Sub under $500 for Klipsch the Fives?
The new RSL SPEEDWOOFER 10s mkII....if you don't mind getting on there list. I've got a pair of the last model 10S and they sound great with my Heresy IIIs. I had to pre order mine back when the pandemic first started and took about a month to get them. The new one has a larger 400 watt amp with DSP.
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Take Two RSL Speedwoofer 10S Subwoofers and Call Me in the Morning: Review
One of the most intriguing things about the high-end audio industry has always been the smaller companies that make great products but don’t get the media attention that they deserve. RSL Speakers (Rogersound Labs) have been making loudspeakers for over fifty years. The family-owned business started...
4 months ago
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Finally upgraded my turntable!!
I can’t wait to spend more time with it! What’s my next upgrade? I’m thinking a primaluna evo 200 or 300? (In a year or so when I can save up enough $) Current Setup: rega planar 6 ania, Rega fono Mc, Cambridge cxa80, kef r5, and RSL speedwoofer 10s.
Husband and wife project. Really brought us closer together.
Love the room! Upgrade that subwoofer to an SVS, HSU, or something smaller like an RSL Speedwoofer and thank me later. You are missing all the booms and sound effects under 50 hz!
Where do I spend my next $1000?
Personally if your going SVS I'd wait till black Friday as they are bound to have something there in their outlet such as pb1000 or pb12nsd or pb2000. Otherwise Monoprice monolith has stuff on sale but they've had quality issues in the past, rsl speedwoofer 10s is a bit above $400 and HSU and Rythmik have their entry level models for $700.
Subwoofers Sound boomy
-12 is the max Audessey can set so if -15 was what it should be it's not calibrated correctly and you should turn down each subwoofer a smidge until it comes out to -11 to -9 db for the subwoofer levels. Unfortunately boomy is just the nature of the beast with stuff cheaper than say a rsl speedwoofer 10s at $400. Personally I'd take 1 good subwoofer over two bad subs as you can always get a second better one but you can never really make a bad one good.
The Speedwoofer 10S Subwoofer - RSL Speakers
On the other hand, two subs placed together (bottom image) gives you up to a +6 dB increase. That’s FOUR times the output!. With the Speedwoofer 10S’s ridiculously low internet-direct price, you can take advantage of the benefits of two exceptional subwoofers for the same price as one average sub at a big box store
4 months ago
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