Rolex Explorer II

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  • Great for everyday use
  • Durable and reliable
  • Classic design
  • Good value for the price
  • Watch is water resistant up to 100 meters


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A Brief History of the Rolex Explorer II: How the Adventurer's Watch Has Evolved
This is essentially the Rolex Explorer II we have today. Its case size now measured 42mm, and the all-orange 24-hour hand of the original 1971 model was back. It looks refined all around, but the increase in size was always going to be controversial
2 months ago
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[ROLEX] Goodbye Rolex, it's been fun, but...
What's NOT important is watches, in the grand scheme of things. The other main reason to sell is that I have a director's loan with my (self-owned) company that needs to be paid off before retirement and the money from these two watches pays off a large chunk of that. I managed to sell the Explorer II for £6,250 which is the UK retail price, so was happy with that.
[SOTC] This is how 10 years of watch "collecting" look like
Rolex Daytona, Rolex Explorer II, Jaeger LeCoultre Deep Sea Chronograph, IWC Pilot Chronograph, Omega Speedmaster Professional, Frederique Constant Slimline Moonphase Manufacture. Lower row:.
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[SOTC] The rule is six watches only. What to swap next?
**Rolex Explorer II**: My favourite watch, I wear this more than the rest. I bought it when I turned 40, and it is so much better than all the rest. The bracelet is incredible, it keeps +0 secs per day 90% of the time as far as I can tell. Very special watch.
[Rolex] So, this just happened (story inside)
He proceeds to tell me that a customer called 15 minutes ago to say they weren’t going to pick it up anymore - they had decided to go for an Explorer II instead. Fine by me!. Without a 15 minute delay and detour through the wind and rain this beauty likely wouldn’t be on my wrist right now.
[Rolex] I may not be able to afford an explorer, but I can draw it!
However Rolex created it specifically to commemorate that achievement. Next year is the 50th anniversary of the explorer 2. Also a great watch but wish the Explorer II had the 3-6-9 and 12 indices like this one, I think it would make it stand out much more. It would lose the date, but I'd you want a GMT with date there is the GMT master.
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[Omega] Finally have my Omega grail - Seamaster 300M
Even the subtle date wheel and positioning looks great. When it comes to the lume, I find that it is simply stunning and shines even more bright and beautiful than my current generation Explorer II. Love how you get blue lume with green lume accent on the pip and minute hand. The bracelet is super comfortable and can be adjusted using a simple sliding function under the clasp which is just out of this world, have never seen one like this.
[IWC] An unexpected pickup
I popped into my local AD that I’ve bought from several times to take a look around and put in some face time to check on my waitlist status for the new Rolex Batman/Explorer II. As expected, there is practically no new Rolex stock there, but they have started selling used watches in the last couple years. I was about to leave when this one caught my eye in the used case. I’ve been looking at a lot of online pictures of it the last year, but this was my first time seeing it in person.
[Rolex] Explorer II on a Sunday hike
To the watch: I guess there is not a lot that hasn’t been said about the Explorer II before. I got mine last year and absolutely love it. It’s very robust, sporty and just a great everyday watch.
[Rolex Explorer II] It's new and it's mine
So this is my new Explorer II 216570 with the polar dial. This has been my grail ever since I've known about luxury watches. I was lucky enough to buy this from an AD with just a bit over a year with the waiting time. The experience has been absolutely wonderful and it still feels a bit surreal to me that this watch is brand new and it's mine.
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Case Material

Stainless steel


Up to 330'

Case Diameter

42 mm