Rolex Batman

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  • Great for everyday wear
  • Good quality
  • Needs to be wound regularly
  • Variety of watches available


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Is The New Rolex Batman A Better Buy Than The Old One?
The Rolex GMT-Master II Ref 126710BLNR Batman made its debut at Baselworld 2019. It is not a new watch as such. Rather, it supersedes the popular but now-discontinued Rolex GMT-Master II Ref 116710BLNR Batman. Boasting several key updates, the Ref 126710BLNR is technically superior to its predecesso...
20 days ago
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[IWC] An unexpected pickup
I popped into my local AD that I’ve bought from several times to take a look around and put in some face time to check on my waitlist status for the new Rolex Batman/Explorer II. As expected, there is practically no new Rolex stock there, but they have started selling used watches in the last couple years. I was about to leave when this one caught my eye in the used case. I’ve been looking at a lot of online pictures of it the last year, but this was my first time seeing it in person.
Three Stars
Constantly needs winding
donald dethmers
6 years ago
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[rolex][patek] and friends
I was traveling for two weeks so I wanted something for all the occasions. My favorite watch roll holds five so these were the five that made the cut. I was in Dubai so I knew it was going to be hot so three sport watches came for day activities and two dress watches for night activities. The watches, Patek 5970j, fp journe resonance, rolex Daytona, rolex gmt Batman, Patek 5711.
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Incredible Timepiece
The GMT Master II by Rolex is an unbelievably good watch. When you buy one you should look for a GREEN "Superlative Chronometer" hang tag. This signifies a change that Rolex made in summer 2015 where they now certify the watch to a higher standard of accuracy than the regular COSC testing standards....
Chris Healey
7 years ago
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[SOTC, Tudor, Rolex, Audemars Piguet] Update
Rolex Batman/Batgirl, whatever you wanna call it - Reference 126710BLNR. What can I say, my AD called me out of the blue and I couldnt turn it down. Also a favorite as it dresses up or down and with anything. Travel a lot for work (pre covid) so the GMT function is nice as well.
Too much$ for too Little... GMT=Grand Marketing Tactic
Truly, a phenomenon unknown to logic. Bought as 2nd watch -for casual. It simply is Not worth in value for what you pay. Take a Datejust = $6,000... Add Numbered, color Bezel with numbers on it- =$285... Glue it on. Super metal glue- = $9... Take numerals off, Bland down, and No extras for Face... T...
3 years ago
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[SOTC] Probably not a popular opinion but I am slowly moving away from Rolex.
The irony is i looked at the picture before reading your post and the first thing i thought was " that batman rolex is the only non-gaudy watch in his collection" i dont even like rolex either.
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The Rolex Batman In 2022 - Safe Bet?
So all of these Gmt Masters are just cycling through the market again and again and again while picking up more value. So I don't think it's too too much to do with the supply because of course the supply is very limited for these pieces, but there's still a lot of them in the market because this the original one was launched in 2013. So I think it's just the volume of sales of the same watches trading hands constantly that are holding up these values
Standard Time
20 days ago
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Not price gouging...just popular.
It’s not price gouging as some reviewers have stated. It’s being sold at a premium due to its popularity. Keep in mind that it is used. If it were new with stickers in box with unsigned card, there would be a 6 year warranty through Rolex. Only an authorized Rolex dealer cannot raise the price of a ...
Samuel Rosen
3 years ago
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