Roland SE-02

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  • Great for sound design
  • No patching capabilities, but it's a mono synth
  • Sounds amazing
  • Not quite like a Moog Model D
  • Very easy to use


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Real-World Review: Roland SE-02 Analog Synthesizer
All in all, a huge winner. The Roland/Studio Electronics collaboration was an island favorite.
3 months ago
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Roland boutiques - which one is your favorite?
SE-02 for me! Can't believe the sounds you can get out of this thing. Amazing synth and the on analog of the bunch.
Sounds amazing...wish it would have a duophonic mode.
It sounds amazing. It doesn't quite sound like a Moog Model D, but it does sound like I imagine a vintage Roland Modular would sound--that makes me really happy. I really enjoy the filter and the oscillators. I would love it if Roland/SE would add a duophonic mode so you can play two oscillators at ...
5 years ago
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Best three oscillator synth of its class
There simply is no mono synth with this pedigree with this feature set and sound.
Roland and Studio Electronics really extended the design to make the SE-02 unique rather than a replica.
For someone switching between sessions and on stage switching between songs, I don't have time to dial in setting...
J Cooper
4 years ago
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Roland boutiques - which one is your favorite?
Cant stand the fact that the other ones are digital and have a 4 poly limit. The se-02 is mono but at least it is what the original was. Based off the minimoog which was also analog and mono. Whereas the other boutiques are based off some synths like the Juno or Jupiter which had more than 4 poly on the og versions and were DCO.
The ROLAND SE-02 Reviewed By SKINNERBOX – Sense Music & Media GmbH
In our latest music tech production with Bonedo for Telekom Electronic Beats, we enlisted Skinnerbox to test and review the much talked about collaboration from Roland and Studio Electronics, the SE-02. As the debut product of the Roland Boutique Designer Series, this powerful mono-synth has been on the lips of many, so we were very interested to hear what the Berlin duos thoughts were.
3 months ago
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Best hardware Mono synth?
Honestly, given what you said, I'd recommend the Roland SE-02. It's based on the architecture of the Minimoog while having a more Roland-y filter that can get you the acid sounds you want. Almost no menu diving required there.
Neil Pham
3 years ago
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tiny knobs BIG SOUND — Checking out ROLAND SE-02
It all comes down to trade off either you get something like this super small like this is the size comparison to a key key step here. So, yes, it basically comes down to do.
3 months ago
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Roland boutiques - which one is your favorite?
SE-02 because it has a unique sound, since it’s not a clone. It’s clearly inspired by a Model D, but you have to put effort into sound more like one, if that’s your thing, by turning the oscillators way down and the output volume down and being careful to be very tame. It’s also surprisingly versatile (check out the Ultimate patch bank videos).
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Polyphony (max)

1 voice





Envelope Generator (EG)