Paria ReCharge XL

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  • Great for summer camping
  • Good value for the price
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Not as durable as the Exped Synmat XP or Downmat 9


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Paria ReCharge UL Sleeping Pad Review
4, and weighs 17.7 oz or the REI Flash 3-Season Sleeping Pad which retails for $100, has an R-value of 3.2, and weighs 16 oz
3 months ago
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Building my first bag, ik not to stress about the gear too much but does anyone have any glaring issues with this
I would get a Paria ReCharge XL or UL if you are on a budget. For a tent I would skip the Grand Mesa and go with Za Naturehike Mongar (if you are car camping) or the CloudUP (if you are backpacking). The Grand Mesa uses fiberglass poles that are heavy and can snap easily. If you are open to a trekking pole tent then the Paria Arches or 3f UL Gear LanShan 2p is also a great shelter.
Paria Recharge XL Review: A Side Sleepers Dream on the Trail - Nomad Hiker
The XL is also 4-inch thick, ensuring that your hips will well-secured on the pad and the heat will be distributed evenly throughout the surface.Read MoreI would and have recommended the pad to friends. If you can’t stomach spending about $200 on an AXL with unknown durability, the Paria ReCharge XL (at twice the weight) is a very solid option
3 months ago
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Awesome pad with extra space
At 6'00" and 200lbs I end up just barely squeezing on traditional size pads - for me the extra space is well worth the weight, this is a biiigggg pad with lots of room to move, worked for side sleeping as well. Would absolutely recommend getting the pump bag with this, tried blowing it up without on...
Are you considering an insulated pad? This is the one. Done.
I'm reviewing the XL version. For reference here are the pads I currently own: * Sea to Summit Insulated Comfort Plus Regular Rectangular (x2) * Sea to Summit Insulated Ultralight * Klymit Static V LITE * Chillax Sleeping Pad I'll just compare it to it's closest completion, the Klymit Static V LITE....
5 years ago
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trying to help my wife be more comfortable camping.
Polyester is the second best but can stink real bad after a couple of days (polyester has a tendency to provide a good environment for bacteria). 2: sounds like she is a cold sleeper. You need an insulated sleeping pad that is appropriate for the conditions. A great budget option is the Paria Recharge XL or DW with it's 4.7 R value.
Gear Review: Paria Outdoor Products ReCharge XL Insulated Sleeping Pad
Just make sure you seal it back up when you're done adjusting the firmness of the air pad and you'll be fine I Really did appreciate having this if it has kept me warm and I do intend on using it for my winter backpacking. it's gonna be good in also late fall, early Spring Whenever temperatures get down to that 30 degree mark or lower I Do plan on having this to keep me extra warm again. It's the Perea Outdoor Products recharge insulated sleeping pad and this is the XL version
3 months ago
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Recharge XL
Exceeded my expectation. A very comfortable sleep.
Ansel W.
4 months ago
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Very nice pad!!
I like everything about this pad except I would like it to be a bit wider. I’m a side sleeper and this is a very comfy pad but I generally sleep with one or both knees bent and my knees end up off the pad a couple more inches in width would be great. Other than that I have no other complaints about ...
1 year ago
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Paria Outdoors Recharge XL INSULATED Sleeping Pad Review
no issues there and for one night I Gotta say it passes the test.
The Dollar Sportsman
3 months ago
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