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The wide is great
The wide is very comfortable, ive never tried the normal width, and setting it up was pretty easy. Havent tested this oitside of summer though.
3 months ago
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Is anyone else annoyed at all the Ultralight tents that taper towards the feet? I just want to fit my 25" pad next to my wife's 20" pad but every 2p tent seems to be 50" tapering down to ~40"
With non-tapered wide pads like the Nemo Tensor RW getting more popular, that has been a bit of an issue. In particular, Big Agnes, Gossamer Gear and Nemo seem to employ this almost always. Other companies like SlingFin do it sometimes. If you want a tent with a consistent width, there are quite a few brands that prefer to offer this.
Extremely comfortable…until it goes flat (it will)
Three tries with the insulated Tensor. One old model (twist valve) two new model (mummy and rectangular). Never found holes. Every time they have gone flat within a week…all on 20-30 day trips. One trip I had no choice but to wake up…uh, be woken up…and have to re-inflate it. The last trip (30 days)...
1 year ago
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Side sleeper woes... Ultralight pads are killing my hips.
I just picked up a Nemo Tensor for a steal at REI (on sale for $120 currently for the regular). I'm very excited to test it out as I, too, struggle as a side sleeper. From all the reviews I've read its supposedly a great option for side sleepers. I gave it a little test in the living room and it seems like it will be an A+ pad for me.
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Light, warm, and leak-free after eight trail days
I've used ultralight sleeping pads over the years and have not been impressed with their durability. I tend to be hard on gear and often backpack with a dog who shares my tent. That's not a good recipe for ultralight pad longevity. Because of this, I've been using a rather heavy (26 ounce) pad for t...
3 years ago
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NEMO Tensor Ultralight Insulated Sleeping Pad Review
There’s nothing like a thick air mattress to help you sleep well on a backpacking trip. It took me way too long to figure that one out!Disclosure: NEMO donated this pad for review.
3 months ago
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Suggestions for better sleep configuration!
For me, the Nemo Tensor has been better than the Thermarest NeoAir XLite, but I still have that problem. This isn't a popular suggestion for an Ultralight forum, but let me add:.
r/Ultralight - "The Weekly" - Week of June 21, 2021
I've had a bunch of issues with my Nemo tensor, and had to send it back to get warrantied. Nemo has been great about the warranty, but I needed something asap and Nemo was backordered.
Great side sleeping pad.
Finally my search for a sleeping pad has ended! I’ve spent the better part of 3 years trying out and hating different sleeping pads. I’m 6’3, 220 and a side sleeper. I had given up hope of finding a comfortable sleeping pad until I found this. Took it out over the weekend where the lows were in the ...
Keith M Ruxer
3 years ago
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I've been waiting to get into backpacking because light, packable gear is expensive. All my current gear, which I had to purchase at the beginning of the year after returning to the States was directed at car camping (because it's cheaper, and I had to buy all of it for a camping trip that was about 3 weeks out at the time). Nemo Tensor - Used a friends 20% off coupon. MSR Hubba Hubba NX - On sale at REI, didn't plan on spending the money and was browsing tents while I was picking up the Tensor and got into a chat with an employee about the MSR vs Copper Spur UL 2 being out of stock everywhere, they sold me on the discounted MSR being a good choice.



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