Thermarest Z Lite Sleeping Pad

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  • Great for backpacking
  • Ultralight and compact
  • Reflects radiant heat
  • Easy to use and manipulate into a chair
  • Comfortable


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Therm-a-Rest Z Lite Sol Review 2019 | Sleeping Pad Review |
Grievances Going into testing the Z Lite Sol, I knew what I was getting into: a minimalist pad meant minimum weight and minimum comfort. I knew it wouldn’t compare to the three- and four-inch inflatable pads I typically haul, so I can’t dock it for comfort. But, I do have two grievances
3 months ago
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Best Sleeping Pad Ever!!!
Highly durable. Went everywhere with me. All around the world. In top condition for 6 years, until it got stolen. So I'm definitely getting a new one. Not even a single rip or tear in all that time. And I wasn't particularly careful with it. It was on rocks and rough ground, at plenty of campsites, ...
Kintarian A.
5 months ago
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Love the accordion folding feature
I bought this sleeping pad early last spring and I've been using it ever since. The accordion folding thing is awesome because it is a lot faster/easier than rolling it up and it is easy to strap it onto your backpack. You can also manipulate it into becoming a chair a lot more easily than you can w...
8 years ago
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Review: Therm-a-Rest Z Lite SOL Sleeping Pad: Best 'Cushion' Ever?
The Bottom Line. The Therm-a-Rest Z Lite SOL Sleeping Pad is an outstanding lightweight closed-cell foam sleeping pad.
3 months ago
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Great Improvement Over My 30 Year Old Therma-a-Rest
I didn't think they could improve on the original therma-a-rest I've had since college, but they did. A cold hike across the Sierra's convinced me that I needed more insulation, but necessarily inflation. At first I looked into inflatable models, but the best are expensive and I also like camping ge...
4 years ago
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Thermarest Z-Lite SOL - Gear Review - Hiking Sleeping Mat
Price Wise I bought it for about ninety two dollars Australian, I bought it online from a place that had free shipping. So Therm-a-rest, you see these mattresses all the time with thru-hikers doing the Appalachian Trail for example,. So for us, Aussies it's a little bit harder just to walk into any and every outdoor store and see one of these sitting there waiting for you
Set To Hike
3 months ago
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Fantastic, but not so durable
I am currently on my second Z-lite and have used it as my only pad during hiking and as a second pad when skiing.
It is compact, light, versatile and doesn't puncture. My only concern is that with time the cells 'flatten' which reduces the insulation immensely. Therefore, I will try the Ridgerest ne...
Jakob E.
6 months ago
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What a foam sleeping pad should aspire be.
This sleeping pad is simple, lightweight, packs down easily and unpacks/sets-up quickly. Those are the best features about this pad. And, although I've only used it several times, I am thoroughly satisfied with my purchase of this pad.
It's shaped like a box when it's packed-down, with a surface ...
2 years ago
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The coyote/grey is listed as a color option under this Z-lite SOL listing, but this color is the regular Z-lite. The SOL is the silver/limon color option. Only .4 difference in R value, but if you're sleeping in cold weather you'll want every bit of warmth you can get. I'll have to exchange the one ...
5 years ago
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Therma Rest Z Lite Sleeping Pad Review
What I really like about this pad is how it folds up nicely. You don't have to roll it up and struggle with flattening it out like you do with less expensive pads. The foam has a nice amount of give to it, so it's a lot softer than the cheaper ones
Adam Chastain
3 months ago
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Closed-cell foam



Water Resistance Level

Water Resistant

Insulation Resistance

1.7 R-value