Optoma HD141X 3D DLP

Optoma HD141X 3D DLP

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Great value for its price
Solid performance in cinema mode
3D capabilities
Good picture quality
Brightness suitable for both dark and well-lit rooms
Not always responsive, some technical issues reported
Color fading during scene changes reported by some reviewers
Some reviewers experienced rainbows when scanning the screen or looking away and back again


Overall, the Optoma HD141X 3D DLP projector is a great value for its price, offering solid performance and 3D capabilities. Many reviewers were impressed with the picture quality and brightness, making it suitable for both dark and well-lit rooms. However, some reviewers experienced technical issues with the projector losing responsiveness or color fading during scene changes. Despite these issues, the majority of reviewers recommend the Optoma HD141X for those looking for a budget-friendly home theater projector.


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