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Epson Home Cinema 5050UB

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  • Great for watching 4K movies
  • True 4K resolution
  • HDR support
  • Wide color gamut
  • 110" screen size


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Holy spiccoli! Nice, NICE projector!
I purchased the LG HU80KA a year ago to test the practicality of having a projector set up within my living room. I also own the LG OLED65C7, which I use for viewing 4k UHD content in "beautiful" mode. The HU80KA has helped me realize that I have a reasonable amount of space for projector use; also,...
3 years ago
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I love the Epson 5050UB, but there are things I would happily pay more for, even if it was delivered in a new higher end model:. * HDMI 2.1 with VRR. * True 4K. Doesn't have to be native, but actual 8.3 mil pixels.
Closest Dolby Cinema Experience
The cheapest that would do close is the Epson 5050UB which will do 5000:1 contrast. Though that’s not a native 4K projector and the color gamut is smaller unless you use the much dimmer cinema mode. Then you could get that 5000:1 contrast and 100% DCI-P3, but 108nits only at probably around a 100" screen. But the contrast ratio is the main thing IMO that will make the picture really look good and pop on the screen.
Great Picture Quality. Awful wireless performance on ube model.
I have no reason to go into great detail about the picture quality. It is amazing. However, I am very disappointed in the wireless performance. Since my Denon receiver doesn't support the latest HDMI standards I am forced to use the wireless transmitter to get 4k performance. Unfortunately, the wire...
3 years ago
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10k budget for 4k projector and 5.1 dolby atmos, help? Huge room! 21x30
Epson 5050ub is your projector choice, hands down no question about it. For a frame of reference, I have epson 5050ub, 7.1 and a 142 inch screen at about 10-12 feet.
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Anyone else have OLED TV in addition to projector
I have a 65" LG CX in the family room and an Epson 5050UB projecting onto a 110" screen in the game room. Each has there own use in my opinion. Average TV watching is phenomenal on the OLED, my projector is not matching it in terms of picture quality. On the flip side watching movies on a huge screen is awesome and emersive something the OLED cannot touch.
Quality like you've never seen before
This projector far exceeded my expectations and they were VERY high. The most important things to me were deep blacks, sharp 4k resolution, vibrant colors and 3D bluray quality. The blacks are comparable to OLED, see my photos. If your watching a movie in a dark room with black walls, it will be jus...
3 years ago
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4k Gaming projector with deep blacks for $3k or less?
Unless you are willing to increase your budget to get the JVC NX5/RS1000 you are not going to get a projector that is both native 4k and has great black levels. That means the Epson 5050ub is probably at the top of the list. While it is a pixel shifter it does throw a convincing 4k image and Epson's UB line has always had great black levels. The $3,000 price range used to have a lot of great options but there is a gap right now and it looks like it's going to remain this way for a while.
Lens iris error
Started get lens iris error. technical support said they would not be able to fix it since the projector is working meaning I can see a projected picture and I requested to take it to the next level I've only had it for 4 months and it has less than 200 hours on it.
Amazon Customer
3 years ago
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I set the lamp to eco mode and lowered the brightness from 50 to about 45 where it started to lose detail, but nothing really did enough to help it. A few other problems also soured the experience, though they could probably have been dealt with if black levels were fine. Most annoying being that that the projector kept losing signal during transitions (menu>loading screen>video), and often not regaining it without stopping and restarting. I assume probably signal confusion from me running it through my old Denon AVR-2310.


Device Type

3LCD projector - 4K

3D Capable

Yes (3D glasses sold separately)



Brightness (White)

2600 lumens