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BenQ HT2050A

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  • Great for a 120" screen
  • Excellent picture quality and contrast
  • Easy to use with the remote control
  • Good quality materials
  • Comes with a 3D lens


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Just look at the pictures....
Total projector rookie here but these pictures are on a flat gray, no texture wall (brand new home literally a week old) and the screen size is approximately 150". While I hate flat gray paint when I put the projector up it was like I'd discovered the holy grail. I already had bought a silver screen...
Joey and Jamie
4 years ago
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Worth buying a projector now? (<$1K, 1080p, home cinema)
Honestly, I think that generation of projectors (Epson 2x50, BenQ Ht2050a) are still the sweet spot for value. I suggest to check out the certified refurbished sites of Epson and BenQ, there are some amazing deals to be had there on occasion.
Great picture and brightness, lens shift and software could use improvement
This will be a long review, as I'm trying to provide a good bit of detail to help others make a decision, but hopefully it will be worth the read. If you already know what you're looking for in a projector and just want to know the pros and cons of this one, skip to the bullets toward the end. Other...
2 years ago
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I cannot seem to find the model in stock anywhere in the UK. The model I've been looking at closest is the BenQ HT2050a (known as the W1110 in the EU) as it seems to offer the best solution to my somewhat scattered needs.
Fantastic picture even with ambient light - I do have a few considerations to share...
The picture quality is awesome, it holds up well outside during the day, and at night really pops even on a 16ft screen. I would certainly recommend this product baring a couple of very minor considerations. On picture quality I give it an emphatic 5 stars. Read below for a few lessons learned and o...
Tom Stocks
2 years ago
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Poor Manufacturing Quality
I had purchased this projector after countless hours of research on the internet. I had come to the conclusion that while 3LCD technology gave more life the image, DLP technology kept the contrast at very good levels, and the color more true to life. Unfortunately, after hurrying home to un box this...
drew Miller
4 years ago
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True out door “Drive-In” Cinema.
The media could not be loaded. Amazing projector! The first Video is of us projecting onto an eight foot wide beige SUNSCREEN, not even a movie screen, yet the image is super bright with vibrant color and perfect clarity. As seen in other photos, we now use it on our new 150” diagonal outdoor screen...
Retired In Baja
2 years ago
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Buying First Projector for Home Theater -- Need Advice
I've got the BenQ HT2050A and love it. I upgraded from and ancient Epson business model so I probably would have been happy with anything though.
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One of the best budget 1080p projectors on the market!
If you have started looking into creating a home theater, you know that picking a projector can be a daunting task. It is not at all as simple as pick a TV and throw it on a wall. You have to know your wall/screen size, the intended placement of the projector (both height and distance from said scre...
B. D. Brault
4 years ago
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my mother wants a projector for her birthday need some recommendations (under $700)
Benq HT2050A all the way. Best sub-$1,500 projector I have ever owned.


Device Type

DLP projector - 1080p

3D Capable

Yes (3D glasses sold separately)


DarkChip 3


2200 ANSI lumens