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  • Great for a dedicated theater
  • Requires a dark room
  • No e shifting
  • Pretty quiet
  • 4k sharp image


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true 4k and HDR
Awesome projector if you have a light treated room or a bat cave. It wouldnt be my first pick if i was setting up a living room projector but in my dedicated theater its phenomenal. I can definitely see a difference between the clarity on this and a couple of the 4k pixel shifter projectors out ther...
Erik van brocklin
3 years ago
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JVC Announces 3 New 8K Laser Home Cinema Projectors
From the article
"The JVC DLA NZ7 retails for less than $10,000 making it a great choice for a more budget conscious home theater."
Yess yess truly budget.
Awesome Picture Quality
This projector will get you - as long as you have a pretty large room - a massive 4k sharp image. I do not regret my purchase. It still requires that you get a pretty dark room, but for this type of picture quality I don't mind.
3 years ago
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4k Gaming projector with deep blacks for $3k or less?
Personally once I decided to move up to the next tier, and talked to the guys at AVScience, the prices they quoted on their JVC and Sony offerings left me feeling like if I'm willing to go for the NX5 I might as well bump my budget up a little more and get the NX7. That's kind of how it goes.
great projector
This may be the lease expensive JVC projector but it is great
3 years ago
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Just got a $18,000 estimate from a home theater installation specialist. Is this worth it?
The NX5 is much better than the 5050. Better black levels, native 4k, dynamic tone mapping built in (if you don't know what this is you will soon realize when you buy a projector without it and then wish you bought one with it), and much better contrast.
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True 4k. Amazing HDR.
I absolutely love this projector. If you have it in a light controlled room, you're going to be amazed by the picture it puts out. True 4k, no e shifting, it's pretty quiet also. Buy a solid mount though as it's pretty heavy.
chris jenkins
3 years ago
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How can projectors have good hdr?
I have a 65” LG OLED and a motorized 120” screen to come down in front of it for movies. The HDR, black levels and overall picture quality on my JVC NX5 are lacking when compared to an OLED tv, there is no doubt about that.
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Get ready for greatness, Lloyd!
Purchased it as part of my mid-life crisis home theatre. Absolutely zero regrets.
3 years ago
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83 OLED or 100" projector
You could fit it in your budget if you shopped around but why not both? Leveraging the dual output of my pre/pro, I am going with a JVC NX5 on a 110" drop down in front of a 55" LG C1 OLED. I like to keep input lag low since I am using a supergun and OSSC scaler to play old JAMMA PCBs in my HT but I also like having the option for a big picture for movies and such.


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3 years

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1900 lumens