Omega Seamaster Railmaster

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  • Great for the price
  • Reliable and durable
  • Good for work or casual wear
  • Not a watch that will fly to the moon or keep time on 007's wrist
  • A practical, straightforward watch to wear on the job


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Railway Worker: Testing the Omega Seamaster Railmaster
While it never flew to the moon or kept time on 007’s wrist, the Omega Railmaster is a practical, straightforward watch to wear on the job. In this feature from the WatchTime archives, we give it a thorough once-over.
The Railmaster measures just under 40 mm in diameter, the same size as the origin...
2 months ago
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[Not really a "collection"]
It is really playful and it shows you don't have to spent thousands of dollars just to have a watch collection. It is creative too! It is not the standard omega seamaster/speedmaster, any Rolex etc. It is a good collection and an honorable collection!.
[SOTC] Really happy with my current collection (BB36 up next)
Just the effort/love put into it and all the process photos of the journey make it one of the more interesting pieces I have, love to wear it. Hard to get - This goes to the herringbone strap on the Omega. Saw it on WatchEx, tried to buy it separate from the watch, lost out.
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[Omega] Matching your band to your scrubs- a must
I ended up putting it on this rubber strap, perfect for long days at the hospital. While I am a fan of the newer railmaster editions, I think this is the best version of this watch, and a good option for those looking for a 39mm with a similar style but more manageable asking price and waitlist than an Explorer. Bonus points for the strap matching the green scrubs and looking sharp with the white coat.
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[Omega] 1957 Railmaster is too damn underrated
I actually had tried on the other two pieces in this collection and preferred the non-limited variant in both cases (standard hesalite speedy, Seamaster 300) Never had the chance to try on the Railmaster. The market seemed to quickly deem the Railmaster to be lesser than the other two options, but I continued to really love it. Fast forward a few years and a couple dozen watches, still hadn’t tried it/seen it in person, and suddenly I start seeing reviews again/photos again/lusting again. So I finally made the leap!
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[Omega] Early Grad Gift
Great Omega seamaster and with out a date window the way I like it. I also like the Omega Seamaster Olympic London game and the Neckton. I have a Omega Railmaster and love it
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[Omega] Railmaster on strap
The modern railmaster I have here sports a 40mm across, 12mm thick case, making it extremely wearable for wrists of many sizes. The entire watch - from the case, the hands and the bracelet to the dial - is brush finished. This understated, no-nonsense design is what I love most about this watch. To top it off, it houses calibre 8806 - a great modern no-date movement with master chronometer certification.
[Hamilton] My first automatic and first non-Fossil/Timex. I'm in love.
If you wear yours fairly often, you don't have that problem with the 80 hour power reserve. I just bought an Omega Railmaster and the Hamilton still gets wrist time. It's just a super comfortable watch.
[Semi-Weekly Inquirer] Simple Questions and Recommendations Thread
4. Does this fit with my collection? I have an Omega Railmaster as my everyday/tool/work watch and a Cartier Tank as a more formal watch. This sort of falls somewhere in between.
[SOTC] An Enthusiast’s Collection
I like your taste in watches! Nice collection. Ever thought about including an Omega Railmaster?
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