Omega Planet Ocean

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  • Great for everyday use
  • A bit heavy, but manageable
  • Perfect size
  • Looks beautiful
  • Value for money


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A keeper for sure!
Just love it, perfect size(sold my 42mm, found it to be on small side), a bit heavy but own other P.O. and it's easy to get use to that. Finish is absolutely impeccable, blue dial stunning, really changes depending on lighting. It's definitely one of my favorite Omega to date.
5 years ago
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[Omega Planet Ocean] First luxury watch!
I’ve been looking for my first luxury watch for over a month and I’ve eventually arrived on the Omega Planet Ocean. The first time I saw the watch on Omega’s website I immediately fell for it. It just looks absolutely beautiful. Especially with the orange accent on the rubber strap.
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[Breitling] Just purchased my first watch. What does the community think?
Had it on at work today in London and have already received multiple compliments on how nice it looks, and where I bought it from. They admired the back of the watch with the see though movement. Definitely feel like I've made the right choice. Yes it may be controversial owing to the fact that the slide rule is no longer there, but I think it's one of the best looking watches I've seen, and feel very lucky to wear it on my wrist.
[Current collection] - Watch collection spanning 20 years.
All of my pieces have been well cared for and appear to be in new/mint condition. All with original boxes and papers. I added a comment with an Imgur pic to my Omega Planet Ocean. Also have two stainless steel Apple watches (series 3 and 4) both space gray and both on Apple Milanese loop bracelets that I also have in rotation.
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[SOTC] My Five Watch Collection
Omega Planet Ocean GMT (aka “the Oreo”) - of all the watches in my collection, this one gets the least amount of appreciation on this sub but it’s one of my favorites. The color scheme is better than any color scheme Rolex makes, is very legible, has plenty of water resistance and fits my 7.5 inch flat wrist very well. People will mention that the 17 mm height is too much, but, frankly, I’ve never found this to be a problem.
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[Omega] Seamaster Takeover
I always liked the Omega brand and valued it for the design, and some unique features that just look too good, like broad arrow. This brand also to me feels a bit more innovative, and has an interesting heritage, even if it's mostly used for marketing purposes... I was hesitating between the 300m, and 600m and I can say that I'm super happy with the Planet Ocean. It's a bulky watch, but not too heavy on the wrist.
For me it’s the Omega Planet Ocean. Love the watch but both hands having arrows absolutely ruins it for me. It looks like the watchmaker mistakenly put two hour hands or two minute hands on. Couldn’t hate it more.
[OMEGA] My first OMEGA watch #300M #taxreturn #stoked
I fell in love with the Omega brand after the 2014 Sochi Olympics and seeing the Omega Planet Ocean watch. I also told myself that I would never be able to justify spending that much money on something. Fast forward 6 years and I'm more comfortable investing money in something that I know I've always wanted. But I've also done enough research that tells me that I'm not just throwing my money away.
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Beautiful watch.
Beautiful, reminds me of the Rolex Sub Mariner. Only better quality and value.
3 years ago
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[Semi-Weekly Inquirer] Simple Questions and Recommendations Thread
I have an Omega Planet Ocean Chronometer which I purchased new almost a year ago. The watch has been fantastic and it is my daily wear. It is very dependable and accurate with only a delta of perhaps 20 seconds over a three month period.
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